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Creating a Ticket in the Support Portal

Creating a Ticket in the Support Portal

Find out more about how to create a ticket in the Crocoblock support portal.

Before you start, check the tutorial requirements:

  • Account in the ticket system to create a request for an investigation

  • Video embed (if applicable)

Our support agents are doing their best to investigate the issue as quickly and thoroughly as possible. But to ensure the agent has enough information to check the case, the following details may be requested by the agent.

Share the Website Login Credentials

The agent may need to access the website’s backend to take a candid look at the settings. In this case,  the agent can ask to create a new user on the website Please, ensure the user role has admin rights so the agent can investigate the issue in depth.

Some websites have many pages, so it is hard to find the issue on a website without direction. We appreciate a link to the page that contains the problem.
For instance, the indexer in the filter from the JetSmartFilters plugin stopped indexing the items, and the counter is showing zeros.

dropdown from the select filter with crashed indexer

The link to a page can be copied and pasted to the ticket’s details.

test page with the select filter

Give Permission to Manage Plugins

The user can confirm the permission. Here is an example: ‘Yes, I confirm my permission for you to deactivate the plugins and switch theme, just do not break the website…’.

Sure, we do not want to break anything on the website, which is why the following steps are a must!

Create Backup

The backup ensures that your website can be restored if an error occurs. Therefore, it is a mandatory step to proceed with the support services.


If you do not want to provide live website access, please, share the staging site so we do not touch the live one.

The previous steps involve deactivating plugins and switching the theme, and these are not the actions that are likely to happen on the live site. To keep the live website stable and working, we always ask for a staging copy of the website where the agent can perform all needed tests.

So the complete request to the support ticket system can look like this:

Hi, crocosupport!

I have an issue with the Advanced Slider widget. It is not showing the images on mobile devices. The widget is on this page Just enter using a mobile device to see the issue.

Here are also the access details:

login: test-user

password: test-password

This is a staging website, so feel free to do the tests to find a solution. And I made a backup anyway 🙂

I look forward to your reply!


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