Create awesome post and terms grids with flexible
grid builder for Elementor

This plugin is working with Elementor editor
This plugin is working with Gutenberg block editor
jetgridbuilder resizable grid cards

Create Visually and Display Dynamically

Build custom grid layouts for the most popular content types


Flexible custom post type to add any content to the website


Post content type to showcase and update content regularly


Page content type for rarely changing information on the site


Specific CPT to display eСommerce items and characteristics


Categories and subcategories in which content items are grouped

Building Grids Can Be Flexible and Fun

post and term cards on a backing grid

Customize post and term cards and see the result instantly

Build a custom impressive grid

Set the number of columns and gaps and move cards along the grid freely.

Change each card’s size and style

Customize position, order, and align posts to the top automatically.

Add the desired content to cards

Add titles and descriptions to post/term tiles and set thumbnails.

Explore Grid Builder Features

Mobile Friendly

100% responsive design. Tap Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile icons to see what the grid will look like

Grid Settings

Change the number of columns, set the gutter, the gap width between grid cells, and more

Vertical Compact

Enable Vertical Compact to align the randomly placed posts to the top automatically

Adaptive Thumbnail

You can show/hide the post’s featured image in the tile and set its size

Benefit by Seamless Integration

JetGridBuilder fully supports ACF, Pods, JetEngine, WooCommerce, Meta Box, and Toolset to make any
project perform as desired.

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Discover Grid Widgets and Blocks

For Elementor and Gutenberg

It’s 100% FREE

The best thing about JetGridBuilder


Get more functionality using other JetPlugins

Advanced cards

Create the unlimited item attributes using the JetEngine plugin for Elementor and Gutenberg, add related icons to each item type, and output data dynamically on the post/term cards.

Use JetGridBuilder + JetEngine

advanced CPT posts cards