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Mouse Cursor Not Changing as a Standard Link

Mouse Cursor Not Changing as a Standard Link


On JetEngine Listing Item, when we activate “Make listing item clickable,” the mouse cursor doesn’t change as a standard link when we hover over the item. How can I fix that?


Once the problem has appeared, you can fix it by following the next steps:

Go to the Customizer

Follow the page you have added the listing to and push the “Customize” button on the WordPress panel.

page on the front end customize button

Paste the code

Scroll down to the Additional CSS tab and click on it to open the field where you can paste the code.

Paste the following code:

z-index: 1!important;

Don’t forget to save the changes by pushing the “Publish” button.

additional css customizing

Check the results

mouse cursor on the listing item

There you go. Now the problem with the mouse cursor display should be solved.

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