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Post Added Through JetEngine Form Overrides User Profile Page

Post Added Through JetEngine Form Overrides User Profile Page


I created a profile and implemented the form that should let the user add new posts to the website. I also set the “Insert/Update Post” notification in the form settings but once I tried to submit the filled form from the frontend, it substituted the account page and returned the newly-added post. How to adjust the notification in a way that the account page sticks to the set layout and the new post is added to my custom post type?


Sometimes, this form error can be due to a poorly set Fields Map in the post-submit action’s settings. To be more precise, you need to check whether the post_id field is associated with the corresponding meta field of your CPT. 

Go to JetEngine > Forms and open the form that adds a new post to the website. (In our case, it’s a New property form.)

Scroll down to the Post-submit Actions / Notifications Settings section and click the pencil-shaped icon to edit the “Insert/Update Post” notification.

editing the insert/update post in jetengine form settings

Now, since you want the form to add a new post after submission, please configure the notification as shown below:

settings to add new posts

The same applies to the form that edits the existing post. Go to JetEngine > Forms and open the needed form to edit it. (In our case, it’s the Edit property form.)

edit property form in the forms list

In the Post-submit Actions / Notifications Settings section, find the “Insert/Update Post” notification and click to edit it. If you wish to set up the form to edit the existing post, make sure to input the following settings:

settings to update the post

That’s it. Now, when you try to submit the filled form, a new post will be added to the current CPT. It will not override any of the existing posts on the backend, and the account page will remain visible. 

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