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5 Free Blog Name Generators: Find Unique Blog Name Ideas
Lana Miro
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5 Free Blog Name Generators: Find Unique Blog Name Ideas

With around 7 million blog posts published daily worldwide and over 600 million blogs on the internet, blogging has become a veritable tool for sharing our personal stories and those of our business. So, if you’re considering starting a blog, you’re probably on the right track.

When appropriately done with commitment, blogging can bring your tremendous success as an individual and a business. However, to stand any chance of achieving that success, you must get your blog’s name right. In this article, we share five blog name generators that can help you take the chore of naming your blog for free. Let’s dive in.

If you’re looking to find the perfect name for your blog, consider using any of the following free blog name generators: 


🏆 Best for bloggers and blog builders.

Free Business name generator for blogs

BNG’s blog name generator is an AI-powered generator that returns thousands of blog name ideas. It also indicates whether the name ideas have a corresponding domain name. If the domain name is already taken, you can find out who owns it through a link. The generator page also provides sample blog name ideas.

Key features:

  • free;
  • AI technology;
  • checks domain availability;
  • links to GoDaddy for domain registration.


  • simple design;
  • easy to use;
  • offers learning resources for beginners.


  • Limited domain options.


🏆 Best for finding available blog names.

themeisle blog name generator

ThemeIsle is a WordPress theme building company with several free and paid themes. Established in 2012, they also offer a free blog name generator that allows you to generate blog name ideas while excluding those with unavailable domains. It also provides a link to a third-party website, where you can learn about the domain price and how you can get it for free.

Key features:

  • automatically excludes unavailable domains;
  • check domain availability;
  • filter names by domain extensions;
  • links to Bluehost for domain registration;


  • free; 
  • lists only name with available domains;
  • offers multiple domain extensions;


Takes you to an affiliate site for domain registration.


🏆 Best for small businesses looking to hit the ground running.

namify blog name generator

Namify is another blog name generator offering you relevant, memorable, and brandable blog name ideas for free. In addition to the name ideas, it provides domain name availability and the option to register your domain name. And if you go the whole length with it, you might get a complimentary logo for your brand name.

Key features: 

  • simple and easy-to-use interface;
  • domain name availability;
  • filter by number of words, style, and length;
  • links to GoDaddy.


  • simple interface;
  • choice of name length and style;
  • relevant and memorable names.


  • Domain search and registration through an affiliate site.


🏆 Best for big brands.

satori web academy blog name generator

Satori Web Academy offers a collection of free online tools for website owners and builders, one of which is the blog name generator. This generator requests keywords of simple adjectives that may describe your blog. After you hit the Generate blog names button, it will return only blog name suggestions with corresponding available .com domains. 

Key features:

  • unique and catchy names;
  • returns only names with available domains;
  • links to Hostinger for domain registration.


  • creative blog names generator;
  • automatically screens out names without available domains;
  • quick and easy to use.


  • Limited domain extensions.


🏆 Best for start-ups and small businesses.

nameboy blog name generator

Established in 1999, Nameboy is the oldest blog name generator in the world. With just one or two keywords, the generator supplies you with multiple blog name ideas and possible domain names, indicating which are still available for purchase. In addition to a step-by-step guide on coming up with a blog name, it also offers a blogging section with resources to guide you in setting up your blog.

Key features:

  • links to Bluehost and;
  • instant domain search;
  • free blogging resources.


  • multiple domain extensions;
  • domain registration options.


No filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good blog name? 

Good blog names are concise, memorable, and straightforward. They usually indicate the focus of your blog and can combine alliterations, metaphors, and puns for maximum impact.

Should I name my blog after myself?

Yes, if and only if your goal is to build a personal brand. You will want to create a personal brand if you are an expert in an industry, like a consultant or a coach. If your goal is to use your blog for business promotion and product sales, you would be better off going for a niche-fitting blog name.

How do I decide on a blog name?

Coming up with a blog name that works is quite deliberate and thoughtful. It typically involves first identifying the topic for your blog and the audience it will serve. This initial step helps you determine your blog’s voice, which you must consider when brainstorming for your blog name. At this point, you can use a blog name generator to combine your initial ideas with popular keywords in your niche to draw up a shortlist. Run the names on your list through a domain availability test. Considering clarity and memorability, you can choose a name from whatever names you’re left with. 

Should I choose a catchy blog name?

Yes. You can create a catchy name by considering a mixture of figures of speech, particularly those that make a sound or rhyming effect, and relevant keywords in your niche. A catchy blog name can help you catch your audience’s attention because it would stand out and have a nice ring to it.


The success of any blog depends on how easy it is for its target audience to find it. One of the best ways to ensure your blog can be easily found is to give it an attractive and memorable name. If generating a functional blog name seems like a chore, consider taking advantage of any free blog name generators discussed above.