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Magic of Website Building: Install Crocoblock with Wizard

Life is full of surprises! Twists, turns, new opportunities… Here is one of them! 
As you may remember, there used to be two separate wizards in Crocoblock. They have evolved into one robust wizard. We are proud to introduce you to a brand-new Crocoblock Wizard which is extremely powerful and smooth! Upload this wizard to your WordPress installation and it will install either Crocoblock products fully or only JetPlugins without you spending lots of time doing it manually!

Crocoblock Wizard welcome screen

The Crocoblock Wizard will be in free access with versatile functionality in it.

  • Export. First of all, you can export any Crocoblock skin without losing its settings.
  • Import. Secondly, you can import any skin from one website to another.
  • Templates. Finally, hundreds of free website and sections templates included, so there is no need for you to build everything from scratch.

You can import and export the skins using the WordPress default functionality by going to the Demo Content > Import / Export tab, however, it doesn’t guarantee you the proper showing. The Crocoblock Wizard is constructed the way that prevents your data from loosing.

Previously, to work with other themes but Kava, you had to install JetThemeCore Compatibility kit in order for your headers and footers to be displayed correctly. The same difficulties occurred with single and archive templates. Subsequently, we have prepared child themes for the most famous and used themes, such as Ocean WP, Astra, GeneratePress and Hello Theme for Elementor!

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If you want to know more about Crocoblock Wizard, read our tutorial

So as you can see, we never stop gladdening your heart and growing over ourselves. There would be no changes if there were no you. So we want to warmly thank you. Stay tuned!

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