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Table and Charts data sources
Custom content type by analogy with post and page. Manage the website's content and make it structured.
Create the database tables storing CCT metadata. Query and export data faster to save server resources.
WooCommerce Products
Display the SQL data either in the Tables or Charts layouts.
Get the needed data via REST API functionality and output it with the Tables and Charts.
Table and Charts data sources
Custom fields
Advanced Filters and Search
search filter widget
rating filter widget
visual filter widget
radio filter widget
date range widget
check range widget
range filter widget
select filter widget
checkboxes filter widget
sorting filter widget
alphabet filter widget
Display the already chosen filters, deactivating each tag, or all at once by clicking Remove filters button.
Improves the navigation through the products tables by dividing the result of filtering or search into pages.
Combines several filters in a hierarchy to show relative path. Organizes category filter and its subcategories.
Tables output (Gutenberg & Elementor)
Charts output (Gutenberg & Elementor)
Query Builder
Tables smart features
Horizontal scroll
Charts smart features
Pick the one chart type you need, wich has basic Google Charts stylyng already.
12 types
42 types
Add stacked elements to a chart to devide data into smaller parts in one Total bar.
Locate the chart's legend either from the left, or from the right from the chart itself.
Custom tables and charts styling
Customizable columns
Text Alignment
Table's header and footer
Table's header and footer
Add advanced style options via JSON format.
3rd Party Services & Plugin Integration
SEO Optimization - Rank Math, Yoast
Google charts
More Features inside JetEngine Plugin
Create and manage any global website data in one place like company address, or phone number.
Interrelate different custom post types by choosing the relevant type of relations.
table relations
Dynamic Visibility, Conditional Logic, Dynamic Function, Dynamic Tag, Macros and Queries
column visibility
Account Pages, Registration & Login Form, Profile Page, Restrict Admin Area Access, Front-End Post Submission, Post Publishing Rules by Roles, Permalinks Structure, Sample Profile Pages
Rest API Endpoint Management for CCT, Rest API Listings, Rest API Notifications/Actions for Forms
Ability to create a set of Meta data and use it as a source for options in any CPT, form and filter.
A personal data repository for every end-user. Store any post collections such as wishlists, favorites, likes.
Updated 01/09/2021

Charts and tables are the best way to present dynamic data making it highly visual and easy to grasp. Looking for a WordPress table plugin to build dynamic tables and charts? There are many options on the market. We’ll compare six popular solutions – wpDataTables, WP Table Builder by DotCamp, Ninja Tables Pro by WP Manage Ninja, Posts Table Pro by Barn2, Visualizer by ThemeIsle, and two JetEngine external modules called Tables Builder and Charts Builder.

Chart & table plugin pricing

Table and chart building solution by Crocoblock embraces two plugins, JetEngine and JetSmartFilters. JetEngine allows you to create dynamic tables and charts. JetSmartFilters can help you make these tables and charts filterable, searchable, and sortable. The solution comes at a fixed $50 for one project and $103 for unlimited projects.

Ninja Tables Pro is priced at $49, $99, and $199 per year for a single website, 20 websites, and unlimited websites accordingly. It lets you build dynamic tables only.

pDawtaTables allows you to create both dynamic tables and charts. The solution costs €63/year for one domain, €113/year for three domains, and €258/year for unlimited domains.

Posts Table Pro stands for dynamic tables creation. The yearly pricing starts at €69 for a single website and amounts to €249 for a 20-website plan, plus taxes.

WP Table Builder is another WordPress table plugin that doesn’t support dynamic charts. To get it, you’ll have to pay $39–$249 for either single or unlimited projects.

Visualizer offers three yearly plans priced at €99, €199, and €399 for one, three, and unlimited websites. The solution covers both chart and table creation.

All the abovementioned solutions allow building dynamic tables and charts in Elementor and Gutenberg page editors.

Dynamic features

JetEngine modules can pull the data from Custom Post Types, Terms, Users, Comments, WooCommerce products, SQL tables, and REST API endpoints. Visualizer supports all of these data sources except for REST API. Both Ninja Tables Pro and Posts Tables Pro can use the CPT, Terms, and WooCommerce products data. Fewer options are spotted with wpDataTables – just CPT and SQL tables. WP Table Builder supports no data sources.

A JetEngine-based table can showcase custom fields, templates, images, multimedia, links, and buttons. Ninja Tables Pro and Posts Tables Pro boast the same options except for templates. wpDataTables can showcase everything but templates and multimedia. As for WP Table Builder, it supports only links, buttons, and images. Visualizer has got the least appealing options range – just custom fields and links.

Only Crocoblock solution, wpDataTables, and Ninja Tables Pro support query-based requests to the database, making it possible to use such data in tables and charts.

As to external integrations, the Crocoblock solution is compatible with WooCommerce, RankMath, Yoast, and Google Charts. Visualizer and wpDataTables support all but SEO plugins, while Ninja Tables Pro and Posts Table Pro support only WooCommerce.

Chart & table-specific features

Smart table features like Horizontal scroll, Responsive tables, and Preview are available at wpDataTables, Visualizer, and Crocoblock. The remaining three plugins do not support Horizontal scroll. Chart features like Stacked chart elements, Chart’s Legend positioning, and Preview are offered by three plugins. The difference is in the number of chart types. Charts Builder by Crocoblock offers 12, wpDataTables – 42, and Visualizer offers 15.

You can style dynamic charts and tables with all solutions but Posts Table Pro. The available options are Customizable columns, Text Alignment, Table’s header and footer, and Custom JSON charts styling.

Table & chart filters

All six WordPress table plugins can be used to build filtering structures.
For instance, the Crocoblock solution supports such filter types as Search, Rating, Visual, Radio, Date Range, Check Range, Range, Select, Checkboxes, Sorting, and Alphabet. It is possible to implement Active Tags, Active Filters, Pagination, Remove filters, and Hierarchy Select principle. wpDataTables supports most except for hierarchical filtering and some filter types. Next, there go Ninja Tables Pro and Posts Table Pro offering 8 and 6 filtering options accordingly. Visualizer is second-to-last with its 3 filtering features. WP Table Builder supports nothing but a Search filter.