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Zoom support
30 days money back guarantee
Form Fields
Lets the auto-loading of the field values via AJAX in the Select field input.
yes, with All-Inclusive
Supports Geocode, Address, Establishment, Region, Cities and multiple countries restrictions.
yes, with All-Inclusive
Use the radio or select field options instead of the Next button in complex forms.
Changing the separator for a fractional number in a calculate field
Generates the numbers range via Checkbox, Select, and Radio field types dynamically.
Adds advanced settings to a built-in Color Picker field: HEX or RGB data saving format and color opacity option.
yes, with All-Inclusive
Form Pattern
Allows users to submit media, images, documents, audio, and video files through the form.
Enables storing the form calculations, triggered fields conditions, active steps on multi-step in Local storage.
Control the number of the form submissions by indicating the desired responses quantity.
yes, with All-Inclusive
JetEngine Glossaries compatible
Pulls out the form fields to the front end via Gutenber or Elementor page builders in an organized way.
Use the form's shortcode to add it via any page builder to the front-end.
Customize your form the way you want: style up every form field or apply the style settings to the whole form.
Organizes multiple form fields into several columns to make the long-form structured and more compact.
Resizable fields that can be organized in columns layout look
Allows filling the information in several small steps in the form and helps to organize the form better.
Creates first level of data validation and guides the user through the data format shown as the masked input.
Edit the fields' labels and descriptions in the Gutenberg page editor area directly.
Smart Features
Global Form Macros Allows adding the form values into another form fields labels, description, etc.
Apply one or multiple rules for every form field: show or hide the field, or fill it with pre-set data.
Conditional block styling
Set actions to a performed conditions.
Pre-set form field value is an option to add the autofill according to the settings you apply on the backend.
Specify the visibility for every field in the form for different users: all, only logged in, or not-logged in.
Saves all forms' entries into a separate database and outputs them into a WordPress dashboard.
Plan when you need to display or hide the form: day, time, or to make it visible within a certain timeframe.
yes, with All-Inclusive
Anti-double booking feature. Enables the date check up during the form submission and before rendering.
yes, with All-Inclusive
Calculated Content
Counts CPT or form meta field values with the help of the different math formulas based on macros.
The value of the Hidden Field can be used in the formula of the Calculated Field just as the value of any other field.
There are two ways the Repeater Field value can be used in the formula of Calculated Field – as a Row Count and as a Custom Calculated Value
Form Validation
Adds Required Mark to any form field to make it obligatory for user to be filled in.
Make the submission messages fully custom. For cases when the form is successfully or failed to submit etc.
Allows to customize the error notifications, restriction messages by adding shortcodes or/and macros.
Enables the spam-prevention for your site starting from your form.
Post Submit Action
Once the form is submitted the user receive custom or admin email, or email from submitted form field.
Submit and edit the post with any type of the content by different user roles with or without being logged in.
Get all required fields to build a complete user registration or update form with only one click.
Update options
Call a Hook
Call a Webhook
Allows redirecting user after the form was submitted to any static page, custom URL or current page.
Insert/Update CCT item
Allows adding Login User form to a site with 3 basic fields: login, password and checkbox field "Remember me"
yes, with All-Inclusive
Register User (Allow creating new users by existing users)yes, with All-Inclusive
Email Marketing & Automation Integration
Active Campaign
MailPoetyes, with All-Inclusive
ConvertKityes, with All-Inclusive
MailerLiteyes, with All-Inclusive
Moosendyes, with All-Inclusive
CRM & Sales Integration
HubSpotyes, with All-Inclusive
Payments Integration
Provides the PayPal recurring payments option. Allows creating payment forms for the subscriptions.
Stripeyes, with All-Inclusive
Adds one product to a cart and skips redirect to cart option, while it redirects to checkout directly.
yes, with All-Inclusive
Developer friendly features
Allows to submit the form without a page refresh for better user experience.
Webhook links a form to 3rd party apps. Form action provides WP action and WP filter to perform a hook.
Advanced HTML
Use Dev Mode to track form submission actions and conditions errors.
Updated: 04/11/2022