JetSmartFilters. Advanced filters for any post type

Design Complex Filtering Structures Easily

JetSmartFilters plugin for Elementor lets you layer a search hierarchy on your own. Use various Filter types to work out the basic concept and add extra power to it with Additional widgets.
Smart FiltersSmart Filters Group FirstSmart Filters Group Second

Basic filter types

Additional widgets

Set Advanced Filters to Hit Any Niche


Vacation Rental

A compelling filtering structure to sift out the housing types in one button click.
The core:
  • AJAX reload
  • 4 filter types
  • Pagination
  • Indexer
  • Additional providers
  • Search button

Make the Filtering More User-Oriented

Display relevant filtered results with Indexer

Showcase only relevant selections for customers to find the desired products in one click. In the Indexer settings, try the counter option to indicate the number of items in categories.

Display relevant filtered results with Indexer

Develop a Faceted Search System for your project

Develop a Faceted Search System for your project

Adjusted filtering logic

Give users a possibility to apply multiple filters. The faceted search system allows displaying specific and relevant options on the page.

Dynamic filtering

All filters are AJAX-powered and reload instantly, which is a guarantee of smooth on-page operation and enhanced user experience.

Apply the Hierarchy Select Principle

Combine several similar filters into one hierarchy to show a relative path. It is a convenient way to organize the category filter and its subcategories.

Apply the Hierarchy Select Principle

Enable Additional Providers to boost user experience

Enable Additional Providers to boost user experience

Hassle-free setup

Calibrate active filters so they interplay with the main and additional providers on the same page.

Map Listing integration

Merge two stand-alone listing grids into a solid filtering architecture and display the search results on Google Maps.

Benefit by seamless integration

JetSmartFilters is fully compatible with Elementor, JetEngine, and JetWooBuilder plugins to ensure the optimal performance of your projects.

Benefit by seamless integration


JetSmartFilters for Gutenberg

JetSmartFilters plugin is now 100% Gutenberg-friendly, so you can enjoy all its features in a new editor.


Additional Features

Ease of use

The plugin is developed for you to put minimum effort into creating or editing a product filter.


Inside there are all possible filter bar designs and settings that can be customized for any website.

Any theme, any page

Given a variety of integration methods, you can apply all filters to any WordPress theme and post types.

JetSmartFilters vs Alternatives

Compare the holistic functionality of Crocoblock filters to the competitors feature by feature.

Get as a separate plugin or in a set

Single site

$ 24 per year

Unlimited websites

$ 49 per year

30 Days money-back

  • Professional support
  • Regular updates
  • New features
  • Easy to use

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