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How to create a footer with JetThemeCore for Elementor

This detailed guide is about a custom footer creation with JetThemeCore plugin. Find out the Magic Button that offers incredible pre-made footers and study how to set up the Conditions in the right way.

JetThemeCore is a plugin with a lot of incredible widgets that allow you to add a well-designed and attractive footer in an Elementor website of any type.

Crocoblock Team has prepared a step-type Tutorial to help in creating a structured and multi-functioning footer. Let’s dig into the process!

Create a Footer for Elementor with the Magic Button

First of all, decide how exactly you want to do it:

  • Add with the Magic Button;
  • Create a custom one.

Let’s figure out how to add it with the Magic button.

1 Step — Installation

It is important to be sure the JetThemeCore is installed, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and check. Do not know how to install Crocoblock plugins — watch the Installation Wizard Guide.

JetThemeCore Installation

2 Step — Add a New Footer in the Crocoblock Library

Then go to Crocoblock > My Library and you will see the folders with all Pages, Headers, Sections, etc. Click on the Footer Section and then Add New.

Add New Footer

3 Step — Give a name to the created footer

Before editing, come up with the title for the footer template to recognize it in the Library.

Footer Template Name

4 Step — Pick Up the Footer with the Magic Button

Magic Button is a great option for those who do not have time for creating their own design.
Crocoblock developed a great number of footer templates for any purpose and business.
Click on the Magic Button, choose the template you like and Insert it.

magic button for elementor
Insert the Template

5 Step — Change any part of the footer

If you want to delete, change or add something in the pre-made footer template it is not a problem, just tap on the edit button or drag the element to add it. It is also possible to set another background color, text size, buttons, etc.

Magic Button Footer

6 Step — Conditions

It is a setting for you to choose where the footer must be applied, to Entire Websites, Singular or it is better to Archive.

It gives you the possibility to set the footer to the exact page or simply use it for the Entire website. One more option is to apply the footer to all or one of the Archive pages.
Footer Conditions

Create a custom footer

Of course, there is an option to Create Footer from scratch. If you decided to design a unique footer, just follow the first three steps above.

The next step is to add some of the amazing Crocoblock Widgets. For Footer, the good choice will be Icon Box to include the contacts, Icon List to set the categories or quick links, Social Icons for people to find you in Social Media. Also, it is possible to add exact coordinates of the business with the Map widget or to add the Weather that is also useful.

To save your changes tap Publish/Update button.

Elementor Widgets for Footer

Let’s look at some results!

Footer on Frontend