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How to Create a Footer with JetThemeCore for Elementor

It’s not necessary to be tech-savvy if you want to create a footer yourself. With the JetThemeCore plugin, you can do it in two ways. Just decide if you want a custom or ready-made footer and follow our guide!

JetThemeCore is a handy plugin with lots of incredible widgets. They help enhance any Elementor website with well-designed footers and other elements.

For today, the Crocoblock Team has prepared a step-by-step tutorial on creating structured multifunctional footers. Discover how to add and customize them manually or import ready-made footer templates. Let’s dive into the process!

Create a custom footer

Are you looking for a footer that will fully suit your website design? So, you are only a few steps away from a unique custom footer. Below, learn how to create it from scratch! 

1 Step — Installation

Make sure that JetThemeCore is already installed on your WordPress. To do so, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins.

Just in case you don’t know how to install Crocoblock plugins — watch the Installation Wizard Guide.

2 Step — Add a new footer

Now, click on JetPlugins > Theme Builder. After you’ll find yourself on the “Theme Parts” screen, select Footer > Add New.

3 Step — Name the footer

Before editing, come up with the title for the footer to recognize it in the Library. Also, choose “Footer” as a template type.

Create footer with JetThemeCore.

4 Step — Customize your footer

On this step, play with some of the amazing Crocoblock Widgets.

Also, try the next helpful widgets:

  • “Icon List” — to set the categories or links;
  • “Social Icons” is useful for people to find you on socials;
  • “Map” lets you add exact coordinates of a company;
  • “Weather” — to show the weather.
  • To find the listed widgets as well as others, use the search box. 

Don’t forget to save your changes by tapping Publish > Update.

Import a pre-designed footer with the Magic Button

Who said you can’t just pick out a ready-made footer template? Luckily, the JetThemeCore plugin embraces a solid collection of such mock-ups. They all are well-designed and easily customizable.

So, to begin with, repeat the first 3 steps. This means you have to create a new footer following JetPlugins > Theme Builder. Then choose Footer > Add New.

5 Step — Import a ready-made footer template

Crocoblock has developed a great number of footer templates for any purpose and business. By clicking on the Magic Button, decide which of them suits your WordPress site the most.

Create footer with JetThemeCore.

Now, hit “Insert” to continue polishing your footer. 

Create footer with JetThemeCore.

5 Step — Enhance any part of the footer

It’s not a problem to delete or change something in the pre-made footer template. Just tap on the “Edit” button or drag the element you like. It’s also possible to adjust the background color, text size, buttons, etc.

Create footer with JetThemeCore.

6 Step — Conditions

There are also different conditions for displaying the footer. If necessary, you can apply it to the entire website or only one page.

Create footer with JetThemeCore.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the process of creating footers with JetThemeCore. More  Elementor tutorials are already on their way!