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How to Create a Header with JetThemeCore for Elementor

With JetThemeCore plugin, create catchy headers on your own or save time relying on pre-designed variants. We’ll show you how to do it easily sharing some tips!

So many websites, so many headers. They make emphasis on new posts in blogs, as well as draw attention to products for selling. Today, we’re going to share one powerful universal solution, fully enough to make headers like a pro. It’s JetThemeCore plugin that is perfect for Elementor websites. Handy and multifunctional, it will serve you time and time again.

Now, let’s learn how to create and customize diverse headers with JetThemeCore! 

There are two common ways:

  • Create a custom header;
  • Choose a ready-made header from the Magic Button Library.

Both variants are explained below step-by-step.

Create a custom header

Making a header from scratch may be complicated but not when you use the JetThemeCore plugin. Thanks to it, you’ll surely adjust your own custom header to a website of any type.

1Step — Plugin installation

First of all, check if JetThemeCore is installed on your WordPress. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins.

2 Step — Add a new header

On this step, click on JetPlugins > Theme Builder. As soon as you see the “Theme Parts” screen, choose Header > Add New.

3 Step — Come up with the header name

You will be asked to choose a type of template, which should be “Header”. Also, enter its name and tap “Create Template.”

4 Step — Customize your header

Using diverse widgets from the Elementor and JetPlugins kit, feel free to build headers of any complexity. 

Just drag and drop a widget you like to the purposed place on a page and continue customizing.

Now, you can play with options setting the background color, buttons, navigation menu, etc. Hopefully, you’ll like this process and find it not only time-saving but also really engaging. That is how the workflow with Jet tools is meant to be.

At last, do not forget to click on Publish > Update to save the result.

Header with JetThemeCore.

Get a ready-made header with the Magic Button 

Why not import a pre-designed header template from the Magic Button library? That’s very helpful when you don’t want to make a header on your own. So, let’s check how it works!

Start with repeating the first 3 steps described above.

4 Step — Customize your header

Click on the Magic Button. After that, you will be redirected to Elementor. 

There, in the Header section, you’ll find multiple Crocoblock pre-made templates. Just decide which one matches your page the best and import it by tapping “Insert.”

Now, style up the header with the amazing JetPlugins widgets. In the Edit Section, adjust the background color, buttons, and anything you prefer. 

Header with JetThemeCore.

JetThemeCore allows controlling all settings and conditions. You can adjust the created header for one exact page or the entire website. Moreover, the plugin enables you to create as many headers (or footers) as you wish and apply them wherever you want.

See you next time!