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How to Download JetFormBuilder PRO Addons for Free in Crocoblock Subscription

This tutorial explains how to install the JetFormBuilder plugin easily and download the PRO Addons in the Crocoblock subscription for free.

JetFormBuilder is a free WordPress plugin that lets you build and style any forms in the Gutenberg Blocks editor.

The JetFormBuilder PRO version allows users to go far beyond ordinary forms. Its pack of addons gives a second-to-none form-building experience.

Besides, these addons are 100% compatible with JetEngine. The All-Inclusive Yearly (for one project and an unlimited number of projects) or Lifetime (Freelance Lifetime and Lifetime) subscribers can download the PRO addons for free.

Tutorial requirements:

  • Crocoblock Personal Account to download JetFormBuilder;
  • JetFormBuilder account to download the PRO addons;
  • WordPress admin panel.

How to Download the JetFormBuilder Plugin

This option is available for the All-Inclusive (for one project and an unlimited number of projects) or Lifetime (Freelance Lifetime and Lifetime) subscriptions.

1 Step — Download the JetFormBuilder for free from your Personal Account

Enter your Personal Account and navigate to the Download Section. Scroll down the section and find the free banner to download this builder. 

Find the banner to download JetFormBuilder, press the “Download” button on this banner, and save the zip file with JetFormBuilder on your hard disk. 

jetformbuilder download

Then you can install this plugin via the WordPress dashboard. Read How to install Jet plugins via WordPress Dashboard in this tutorial.

How to Install the JetFormBuilder Plugin

1 Step — Upload the plugin

Proceed to the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and search for the JetFormBuilder plugin.

install the plugin

2 Step — Install the plugin

Click the “Install Now” button.

3 Step — Activate the plugin

Navigate to the Plugins tab of your WordPress admin panel. Find the JetFormBuilder and press the “Activate” button.

plugin activation

The JetFormBuilder plugin is active. Build the required forms on your website.

How to Download the JetFormBuilder PRO Addons in Crocoblock Subscription

1 Step — Download the JetFormBuilder PRO Addons from your JetFormBuilder account

Log in to your JetFormBuilder account, navigate to the Downloads block, and then to the Plugins section of this block.

Click on the “Download button next to one of the addons. Save the zip file with the addon on your hard disk.

jetformbuilder pro addons in crocoblock subscription

2 Step — Activate the addons

Open your WP dashboard and navigate to the JetFormBuilder > Addons.

etformbuilder menu

Click on the “Activate License” button.

jetformbuilder addon activation

Remember that the “Activate License” button will appear in your WordPress dashboard only if you have manually downloaded at least one JetFormBuilder PRO addon. Therefore you should first add the addon to the plugins and then manually paste the license key from your JetFormBuilder account in the field.

Read more about JetFormBuilder WordPress Plugin Installation in this tutorial.

That’s all about downloading the JetFormBuilder PRO Addons for free in the Crocoblock subscription.