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How to Promote Crocoblock Products

How to Promote Crocoblock Products

Find out the main methods to promote Crocoblock products and earn with our affiliate program.

Things to know

The promotion method depends on the Affiliate type: Influencer, Web agency, YouTuber, Blogger, etc. Here are the top affiliate promotion ways.

Share Affiliate Link 

Direct affiliate link sharing is one of the easiest ways to get referrals. You can share the link with your client, friend, web design agency, or anyone on social media. Make sure your referral is visiting the Crocoblock website for the first time. As our affiliate program is first-cookie driven, you only receive a commission per unique visitor.

promoting crocoblock via friends

Write Blog Post

WordPress or website development blogs have been one of the top affiliate promotion ways for years. It is no surprise that people like to read useful and relevant articles. Here are some top ideas on how to promote via the blog:

  • Write an engaging article. It can be plugin or Crocoblock reviews, tutorials and how-tos guides, lists of top tools and plugins, comparisons, etc.
  • Place the banner in the header, sidebar, or footer.
  • Insert the Crocoblock banner with the link in already existing top-ranking articles. 

Create YouTube Video

If you have a YouTube channel or planning to create one, we recommend using the following non-direct advertising ways:

  • Video reviews;
  • how-to guides;
  • freebie reviews or comparisons;
  • user experience videos.

Don’t forget to add tags to the video and affiliate links to the description.

Launch Crocoblock Course 

Developing a learning course is a great way to teach your audience to use Crocoblock products. This way, you are building a community that helps you grow faster and get more referrals in the future. 

Here are some successful course examples launched by Crocoblock Affiliates:

Promote via Social Media or Newsletter

If there are web professionals among your social media and/or newsletter audience, this will be a great opportunity to tell more about Crocoblock products and discounts.

affiliate promotion via newsletter

Crocoblock affiliate terms don’t allow you to use branded keywords and promote Crocoblock via ads, such as Google Ads.

Instead, you are welcome to promote your blog article and YouTube video via the web to get more audience. For instance, if you’re planning to write an article “Best Custom Post Type Plugins” and promote via ads.

In the variety of promotion methods, you can pick the one that fits you best or try to apply all of them. Because in the end, in the business of getting new referrals, only the sky is the limit.

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