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How to set 2 different headers for different pages with JetThemeCore

Wondering how to apply different headers to separate pages? Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to do it with JetThemeCore plugin.

From this tutorial, you’ll find out how to assign the two different header templates to different pages in case you’ve got several headers and the design of your pages is different, requiring the differently styled headers.

This task is pretty easy to cope with in case you’ve got JetThemeCore plugin. With its versatile conditions, you can easily set the header templates to the pages you need and have as many headers as you want.

Setting the header template to the specific page

Step 1 — The first thing you should do is to choose the header which you want to assign for the specific page, in Crocoblock > My Library section and click Edit with Elementor button to open this header template in Elementor.

In case you still don’t have a header template, you should create it in Crocoblock > My library. Click Add New option, select a Header Type of the template and set its name. Then click Create Template button. You’ll proceed to Elementor editor where you can create a new header template to your liking.

Header template in Crocoblock library

Step 2 — Then, proceed to the Settings and locate the Conditions block.

Step 3 — Select the Singular type of conditions as you need to apply this header to a particular page.

Singular conditions in the Header settings

Step 4 — As a result, a new dropdown list will appear. Click it and choose Page to which you want to assign this header.

Step 5 — Afterwards, in the Select Pages field type in the title of the page to which you need to apply the header.

Note, that if you leave this field empty, the header will be applied to all the existing pages on your site.

Step 6 — Finally, click the Update button to save the newly set conditions.

Setting conditions to another page

Step 1 — Go back to JetThemeCore library and choose the next header.

Step 2 — Repeat the steps described above and choose another page where it should be displayed. Then save the changes.

Step 3 — Now you can proceed to front-end and view how the headers are applied to the pages.

Now you know how to set different headers for different pages. Following this method, you have an opportunity to apply a header to any page or single post.

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