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How to set a custom 404 page

Get to know how to set up a creative and stylish 404 custom page. Thanks to JetThemeCore plugin, you can create its template in a blink of an eye.

If there is a broken link on your website, or if you’ve changed the address of the page, the 404 error often occurs.

Even if there are no broken links on your website, the user can mistype the address and still see the 404 error. That is why it is a good idea to provide your website with a user-friendly custom 404 page.

Fortunately, with JetThemeCore, which is included in Crocoblock subscription you can easily create a custom 404 page with Elementor. Keep reading to learn more about creating a custom 404 page with Elementor.

Creating a custom 404 page using Elementor

1 Step — Go to your WP Dashboard and click Crocoblock > My Library.

crocoblock my libraru jet theme core

2 Step — Here open the Single tab and click the Add New button in order to create a new template.

3 Step — Give it a name in the Template Name field. Let it be 404 page. Click the Create Template button to proceed.

create single template

4 Step — Then, click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen to open the single page settings.

5 Step — Open the Conditions block and in the General drop-down choose Singular.

single page settings

6 Step — The next step is to select the 404 Page option in the Singular drop-down.

7 Step — Build your 404 page with all the available widgets and it’s done!

elementor 404 page

Besides, you are able to use other plugins for creating a custom 404 page. If you use JetThemeCore for Elementor, you can set up an attractive 404 page without any difficulties.