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JetAppointment: Appointments Dashboard Overview

This overview will describe all controls of the JetAppointment Booking appointments list dashboard tab.

When you install the JetAppointment Booking plugin it adds an Appointment tab to the dashboard menu. And its first submenu tab is the Appointments list window. Here you can add, edit and delete appointments by yourself and do some other actions. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

appointments list

Adding new appointment

Click on the “Add New” button on the top of the page and you will see a pop-up window. 

adding new appointment

Here you can set the Status of the appointment, choose the Service and Provider that you previously assigned to the JetAppointment functionality in the Settings tab, define the Date and Time of the appointment and insert User e-mail. All the data you set here will be shown in the corresponding columns of the appointments table. When you fill in all the fields, press the “Add New” button at the bottom.

Filtering appointments

If there are lots of appointments on the list and you want to quickly find one of them, it is convenient to use filters. They allow you to sort the results according to the Service, Provider, Status, or Date. You can also use Search. Just type the word or number to the bar, and the system will show you only those results, which contain that value.

Appointments list

All the appointments made by you or clients are shown in the table. From the admin panel, you can do some actions with those appointments.

appointment list actions
  • Results per page. You can change the number of appointments that are shown on this page at the same time by clicking on the bar;
  • Edit Appointment. By clicking on the button with the pencil-shaped icon, you open the pop-up window where you can change any data of the appointment;
  • Appointment Details. The button with the “i” letter in the circle opens the pop-up window with the details, including the appointment and user’s IDs;
  • Delete Appointment. If you press the red recycle bin button, you will receive the notification, asking if you are sure about deleting the appointment. Deleted appointments can’t be restored.

Calendar and Timeline view

The appointments list can be convenient if you need to see all the information about the status and ID of every appointment. However, you can also find it useful to be able to shift to the Calendar or Timeline view.

In the Calendar view, all the appointments are placed in the calendar cells that correspond to the appointment date. You can click on the appointment and see the details.

appointment calendar view

In the Timeline view, you will see the table with services and working hours of one day. In the Date bar, you can change the day. From and To drop-downs allow setting what hours will be shown in the table, and Time Interval defines the number of columns in the table.

appointments timeline view

That is all about the Appointments submenu tab of Appointments dashboard menu settings.