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JetBlocks Authorization Links widget overview

This tutorial explains how to add Authorization Links with the help of JetBlocks plugin.

Authorization Links allows users to log in, log out or register at any site.

Let’s find out how to add Authorization Links.

Choose the page to which you want to add Authorization Links

Go to Elementor editor and add Auth links widget.

Step 1 – Click the Login Link to set it up.

auth links

Turn on Login Link to make it visible for customers, who haven’t logged-in yet.

Inscribe the needed text to a section and add an appropriate icon.

There is also one more option: you may add Login Prefix to provide some additional text for visitors.

Step 2 – The next element is the Logout Link.

Here you may also add a text and prefix, choose an icon.

You can select to which page a customer will be redirected after Logout.

log out link

Step 3 – You can set up the Register Link and the Registered Link following the instructions provided in Step 1.

In General block you can select the order of links.

order of links

Step 4 – Now you may style up your content. Navigate to Style tab.

To make your content eye-catching, you can set up the typography, choose the best text color, adjust border radius, margin and padding of a text.

style up the content

This is it! Hope this tutorial will help you to create authorization links with the help of JetBlocks.