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JetEngine: Dynamic Meta Widget Overview

In case you need to pul the meta data dynamically, here’s a proper widget. Find out how to drive the Dynamic Meta widget using JetEngine plugin.

JetEngine Dynamic Meta widget allows displaying the default meta information, such as the publishing date, author and information about comments.

Let’s have a deep look at them!


Step 1 – First of all, open the JetEngine > Post Types block in the WP Dashboard. Here you should choose the needed post type and open the settings. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings tab and find the Supports field. Make sure, that you’ve chosen the Author and Comments items to be displayed. Press the Update button to save the changes.

Step 2 – Open the page from the custom post type and on the right side panel you will see the Discussion tab, where you should check the box to allow the comments.

Allow comments

Dynamic Meta widget options

Step 1 – Open the listing template with Elementor editor and search for the Dynamic Meta widget. Drag and drop it to the page.

Step 2 – Then, go to the Content tab, where you will see 3 default items, such as date, author, comments. You can customize them if you click them. In the opened tab you will see the Type field, where you can choose which meta content you want to display: the date, comments count or information about the author. Also, you can specify an icon, a prefix and a suffix. You can delete unneeded items or add a new one. The last option, Layout, allows select either inline or list layout.

content settings of the Dynamic Meta widget

Step 3 – In the Content tab you can also apply the Icon that you want to as well as the text before or after the meta information with the help of the Suffix or Prefix textareas.

Data settings

Step 4 – Proceed to the Content > Date Settings tab where you can specify the date format. Moreover, here you can set a link to the date which will redirect the user to the Archive or the Post. You can disable the link if you want to.

date settings of the Dynamic Meta widget

Step 5 – In the Content > Author Settings tab you are also able to set the link to forward the user to the Author Archives or the Post. If you wish, you can disable the link.

Author settings in the Dynamic Meta widget

Step 6 – Proceed to the Content > Comments Settings tab where you can specify the link that will lead the visitors from the comments count to the post itself.
What is more, here you are able to set the comments format: zero, one or more.

  • Zero comments format will suit your needs if you don’t have any comments for the post.
  • One comments format will be a perfect decision if you have the only one comment for the post.
  • More comments format is used if you have more than one comment for the post.
Comments settings in the Dynamic Meta widget

Step 7 – Go to the Style tab where you can specify the alignment, typography settings, etc. to apply for the meta information. Change the meta data appearance on hover and in the normal state.

Style settings of the Dynamic Meta widget

All in all, in this tutorial, you’ve learned how to display the default meta information, as the date, author and information about comments using JetEngine functionality.