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JetEngine: Query Builder REST API Query Type

This overview will describe all the settings of Query Builder’s REST API Query type, which is a part of the JetEngine plugin.

JetEngine Listing Grid functionality allows you to display the items received via the REST API Endpoint to make them visible on the frontend. However, it doesn’t allow to query the results. Query Builder fixes that issue. The REST API query type gives you the opportunity to create a query of items obtained via the REST API Endpoint.

REST API Query settings
  • From Endpoint. In this drop-down menu, you will see the list of all Endpoints you created for the website. Choose the one you need;
  • Query. This is the section that allows you to create a query. Insert the name of the meta field to the Key bar and afterward type the value to the Value text area. If the value of the key meta field is equal to the value in the Value bar, the item will be added to the list.

That is all for the REST API Query type. Create various queries and display them wherever you want!