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JetProductGallery: General Settings Overview

This overview will describe the general settings of JetProductGallery widgets.

With the JetProductGallery plugin, you can display products in different layouts with the help of four widgets. In each widget, there’s an opportunity to choose the source to get the product from. 

The first thing you need to do is to open the Single template created with the JetWooBuilder plugin and drag and drop one of four JetProductGallery widgets. In our case, it will be Gallery Grid.

WooCommerce Products

In the Source field of the widget, you can choose the WooCommerce Product option. This option will get the product created with WooCommerce dynamically.

woocommerce products source for the gallery grid widget in elementor

If you want to specify the product, then you can paste the ID of the product in the Product ID field.

Post Types

The next option is Post Types. If you choose this option, then it will get the product from the meta field created with the help of the JetEngine.

post types source for the gallery grid widget in elementor

Manual Select

The last option is Manual Select. Here you can add needed images of the product manually from your WP media library. 

picking images for the manual select source

Also, you can get images dynamically from the meta field with the dynamic tag option.

manual select source in the gallery grid widget

That’s all. Now you know how to display products from different sources in beautiful gallery layouts with the help of the JetProductGallery.