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Vertical Mega Menu Overview

Discover some more JetMenu functionalities and learn how to present your website in the most convenient way with Elementor Vertical Menu Widget.


Before working with the Vertical Mega Menu widget, ensure you have created a menu beforehand. It can be done in the WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus directory.

menus settings in wordpress dashboard

Vertical Mega Menu Widget Content Settings

Once the page/template is opened in the Elementor Page Builder, the Vertical Mega Menu widget should be placed on the page.

Here, in the Menu tab of the Content settings, the Select Menu field is presented. The menu created beforehand can be picked in the corresponding drop-down selector.

vertical mega menu settings

In the following Settings tab, two fields are displayed.

In the Sub Menu Position, there are two options for selection, “Right Side” and “Left Side,” that display sub-menu items on the right side to the main menu or the left one accordingly.

vertical mega menu sub menu position

The Animation field is intended to choose the opening animation for the submenu items. There are several options for selection that can be checked while hovering on the menu item that covers the sub-menu. Among the options are: “None,” “Fade,” “Move Up,” “Move Down,” “Move Left,” and “Move Right.”

vertical mega menu animation

Vertical Mega Menu Widget Style Settings

The following section is the Style settings. Here, the menu can be customized according to style preferences.

Things to know

Except for these Elementor settings, the menu can be customized globally by proceeding to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus, opening the desired menu, and hovering over the needed menu item to see the “Settings” button. There, changes will be applied to the menu in general, while in the page builder, a menu can be changed for one page specifically.

menus settings in dashboard

The presented sections contain Main Menu, Mega Menu, Sub Menu, Main Menu Items, Sub Menu Items, Icon, Badge, and Drop-down Icon settings for customization of every widget component.

vertical mega menu style settings

Once the customization is done, the changes can be saved by pushing the “Publish” button.

That’s all about the Vertical Mega Menu widget and its settings available with the JetMenu plugin for your WordPress website.

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