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How to Enable Wishlist Functionality

How to Enable Wishlist Functionality

This tutorial explains how to enable Wishlist functionality for WooCommerce products using the JetCompareWishlist plugin.

Before you start, check the tutorial requirements:

The JetCompareWishlist plugin is a perfect tool for creating comparison lists and wishlists. Wishlist functionality allows the user to save the products he liked to a separate list and then go through it any time he wants without searching those products all over the site.

Open the JetCompareWishlist Settings

Open the WordPress Dashboard of your website and proceed to JetPlugins > JetCompareWishlist Setting. In the following screen, choose the Wishlist tab. Let us take a closer look at the options.

jetcomparewishlist wishlist settings
  • Turn on the Enable Wishlist toggle to activate wishlist functionality;
  • Choose a Store Type from the dropdown list, it can be either “Session” or “Cookies” options;
  • Save for logged users toggle should be turned on if you want to save a wishlist for logged users. They will be able to go through it again the next time they enter the website;
  • In the Wishlist Page dropdown menu, select the page where you want the widget to be shown;
  • Add default wishlist button toggle allows adding a wishlist button to default WooCommerce templates.

Enable Widgets

When you finish with the settings, go to the Available Widgets tab. Here you will see the list of widgets that will be available when editing the page. Tick the Wishlist, Wishlist Button, and Wishlist Count Button checkboxes.

Available Widgets tab

That’s all. Now you know how to enable the wishlist functionality of the JetCompareWishlist plugin. To learn how to create and add wishlists to your website – go through the How to Create a Wishlist Page tutorial.

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