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JetCompareWishlist Overview

JetCompareWishlist Overview

JetCompareWishlist is a digital commerce plugin for Elementor, allowing you to compare different products and add them to wishlists. Use its six widgets to implement the comparison and wishlist functionality for online stores.

Compare Widgets

Comparison functionality from JetCompareWishlist comprises three widgets, Compare, Compare Button, and Compare Count Button, which are accessible from the Elementor side panel. The comparison button is added to the product card and sends it to a separate comparison page once clicked. You can choose session and cookies as a store type, set the number of products to be shown at once and their comparison parameters, and display the counter for products already in the comparison list.

Wishlist Widgets

Wishlist functionality from JetCompareWishlist comprises three widgets, Wishlist, Wishlist Button, and Wishlist Count Button, all accessible from the Elementor toolbar. They allow you to add a wishlist button to the product card, send the product to favorites, and return it whenever desired. The products can be saved for logged users and not based on sessions and cookies. Among other settings, there is the ability to show product count, custom icons, and separate buttons for adding and removing items.

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