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How to Get MailChimp Audience ID and API Key

How to Get MailChimp Audience ID and API Key

Learn how to create a MailChimp account and get your API key to use MailChimp with JetElements and JetPopup plugins.

MailChimp is a service that helps you to manage email notifications and a list of users’ emails. From this tutorial, you will learn how to create and set up a MailChimp account in order to integrate it into your site.

The First Steps to Creating a MailChimp Account

First of all, go to the MailChimp website and click the “Sign Up Free” button.

sign in button

Type in your Email, Username, and Password. Then click the “Sign Up” button.

signup mailchimp form

Check your email and click the “Activate Account” button in the letter that was sent from MailChimp Client Services.

mailchimp email

You will be led to the next stage. First of all, confirm, that you are not a robot.

confirm you are not a robot

Choose the pricing Plan and hit the “Continue” button. There is a free variant, so you can choose it if you want to try Mailchimp first.

choose the plan

Enter the demanded information and answer the suggested questions in order for the MailChimp team to understand who you are and what kind of business you provide. You will be asked about your name, name of your business, address, contacts, etc.

fill the bars

Congrats, you’ve just created your MailChimp account.

Creating MailChimp API Key

Basically, the most necessary thing which you have to do is to generate the API key and get your Audience ID number to connect your MailChimp audiences with your website.

Follow this link to open the API Keys page of your account. Scroll down and click the “Create A Key” button.

create the API key button

Right-click the API key and copy it to the clipboard. Now you’ve got the key to use on your site.

yout API key

Finding out the MailChimp Audience ID

To find out the MailChimp Audience ID navigate to the Audience page in the toolbar.

Audience option

Click on the “Manage Audience” button, and choose the “Settings” option from the dropdown.

manage audience button

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the Unique ID for Audience field. The string of letters and numbers is the audience ID.

audience ID

Copy and paste the API Key and Audience ID to the appropriate fields of the JetElements Settings table – and that will be all.

Now you have everything to connect your MailChimp audiences with your site or blog. Congrats!

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