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JetElements Overview

JetElements Overview

JetElements is a design plugin for Elementor, providing over 40 widgets. Using them, one can add must-have website elements and interactive effects to content sections, showcase WooCommerce-related information about products, and more.

Widgets for Online Shop

Eight JetElements widgets help to output data related to WooCommerce products. They are Price List, Pricing Table, Best Sellers, Featured Products, WooCommerce Product, Recent Products, Sale Products, and Top Rated Products. All widgets are available in Elementor. Using these widgets, it is possible to show the product prices in the list or table, create a separate section for best sellers, recently viewed, and featured products, apply custom badges to products on sale, and more.

Widgets to Integrate Other Apps

Some JetElements widgets can help you output some content from a third-party application. They include Instagram, LottieFiles, Contact Form 7, Google Maps, Weatherbit, and Mailchimp. Using the similarly named widgets, you will be able to create a connection between the chosen external app and a website section where you plan to put the corresponding JetElements widget. Mind that Instagram, Advanced Map, Weather, and Subscribe Widgets will require an API key, and Lottie Widget works through external links.

Media Widgets

Media Widgets from JetElements allow you to embed media files to the desired website page. You can choose from five widgets, which are Image Comparison, Video Player, Images Layout, Audio Player, and Inline SVG. Image Comparison widget can be used to show the before and after image; Images Layout displays images in a grid, masonry, and justify layouts. Inline SVG Widget helps to output SVG icons. Video Player showcases custom, Vimeo, and YouTube videos. Audio Player outputs MP3 files.

Chart Widgets

Five JetElements widgets for Elementor provide tools for data visualization. They are Line Chart, Bar Chart, Circle Progress, Progress Bar, and Pie Chart. Using these widgets, it is possible to present numeric data in a digestible format. Pie Chart helps you output data as a circular pie or doughnut chart. Circle Progress adds a circular progress bar layout, and Progress Bar Widget offers a linear bar design. Line Chart and Bar Chart widgets help to create horizontal and vertical diagrams.

Animated Elements Widgets

JetElements comprises six Elementor widgets, which add animated elements to the website. Among them are Animated Box, Animated Text, Headline, Banner, Dropbar, and Advanced Carousel. Each widget helps to implement the similarly named functionality. Animated Text and Headline widgets apply to website titles and subtitles. Dropbar helps to add a popup-like content section. Banner Widget, Animated Box, and Advanced Carousel help to create mixed content sections where you can place texts, images, and CTA buttons.

Page Parts Widgets

Some JetElements widgets for Elementor help to add certain page parts and fill them with content. Among them are the Posts Widget, Horizontal and Vertical Timeline, Table, Testimonials, Logo Showcase, Portfolio, Countdown Timer, Team Member, and Services. Using these widgets, it is possible to showcase posts via different layouts, create a business card website presenting services, the portfolio, and team members, apply a countdown timer to special offers, output client testimonials, and show the roadmap on the timeline.

Button Widgets

There are two button widgets in the JetElements plugin – Button and Download Button. The first widget helps to create clickable buttons with custom text and redirect URLs. The second one creates a download button, which helps to save the needed content from the website to local storage. Both widgets are available in the Elementor side panel. Button settings include texts, icons, redirect URLs, attributes, and button subtexts. Additionally, the widgets comprise multiple style settings.

Animated Effects Widgets

JetElements offers to create two animated effects using its widgets, Section Parallax and Scroll Navigation. The first widget helps to apply the parallax effect to website images creating the illusion of depth. You can set different movement directions and scrolling speeds for separate layers of the image and choose the desired parallax type. Scroll Navigation allows switching from one webpage section to another using vertical pagination along the existing sections. Both widgets are available in the Elementor sidebar.

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