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How to Convert Post Types

How to Convert Post Types

This tutorial will teach you how to convert the JetEngine post types on your WordPress website.

Before you start, check the tutorial requirements:

There are some cases when you need to convert the post type on your WordPress website. In this guide, we will cover how you can switch between WordPress and JetEngine post types.

Let’s assume you have already created posts about books using the WordPress default “Posts” post type, and now you want to convert them to JetEngine’s Custom Post Type called “Books.”

We will explore several ways how you can switch the needed post’s post type.

Change Post Type via Block Editor

Go to the WordPress editor of the desired post/page and open the Summary tab on the right side of the page.

Find the Post Type field and press the link next to it to change the post type.

post type switcher in the post editor

Pick the post type you want to switch your content to; for example, it can be JetEngine’s CPT.

Once the option is clicked, you will see the confirmation pop-up. When you confirm the alterations, the post type will be changed immediately.

post type switcher options

Change Post Type via the “Quick Edit” Button

The post type can be changed even without opening it in the editor. 

Just open the posts list and push the “Quick Edit” button next to the needed post.

quick edit button

Now, the Quick Edit section will be opened with different options for quick customization. One of them is a Post Type, a drop-down list with the available post types for transferring.

After you change the Post Type, don’t forget to click the “Update” button below.

quick edit window

Change Post Type for Multiple Posts

Proceed to the posts/pages list and put a tick next to the needed posts.

Open the “Bulk actions” drop-down list, select the “Edit” option, and press the “Apply” button.

posts selected for editing

The Bulk edit section is now open. Here, pick the desired Post Type from the corresponding drop-down list and click the “Update” button.

bulk edit window

Check the Result

Open the post type you converted your posts to. In this tutorial, it’s the JetEngine’s “Books” Custom Post Type.

As you can see, the needed posts have already been transferred.

converted post type result

That’s all; now, you know how to convert the post types on your WordPress website.

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