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How to Display a Video Using Dynamic Repeater Widget/Block

How to Display a Video Using Dynamic Repeater Widget/Block

This tutorial will teach you how to display a video on the WordPress page using the JetEngine Dynamic Repeater functionality.

Before you start, check the tutorial requirements:

  • Elementor (Free version)

  • JetEngine plugin installed and activated with Custom Post Type created and several posts added. If you have not done this yet, please follow this tutorial

With the Dynamic Repeater widget of the JetEngine plugin, you can showcase a video from the repeater meta field using special macros. We are going to provide an example based on showing an embedded video of the post included in the Tour custom post type.

Creating a Meta Box

We start with creating the Video meta box, which includes the Presentation repeater meta field. We go to the JetEngine > Meta Boxes block in the WP Dashboard and click the “Add New” option. The settings window will appear right here, where we should define the meta box title, specify the Posts in the Meta Box for field and enable this meta box for the Tour CPT.

video meta box

Adding the Video Repeater Meta Field

Then, we click the Meta fields tab below and add a new meta field (Presentation) to the Video meta box. In the Field type, we choose the Repeater option. In the shown window we click the “New Repeater Field” button and enrich the Label and Name fields, and also select the Type: Text.

repeater meta field

Editing a Custom Post

Now we open the Tour CPT in the WP Dashboard and proceed to edit the Magnificent Sweden custom post. In the Video repeater field, we insert the link to the video on YouTube.

presentation field cpt

Creating a Listing

In the next stage, we create a new listing in the JetEngine > Listings block on the WordPress Dashboard. We set the listing settings and call it the “Tour listing.” You can create it either in the Elementor page builder or Gutenberg Editor.

listing elementor

Setting the Dynamic Repeater Widget

Now we enrich it with the Dynamic Repeater widget (in Elementor) or block (in Gutenberg). In the widget’s settings, we select the Source: Presentation and paste the %video|embed_url% macros in the Item format box, where the “video” is the name of the repeater meta field.

In Elementor:

dynamic repeater widget

In Gutenberg:

dynamic repeater video

Using the Listing Grid Widget

Go to the page, where we want to present a listing. Edit it in the Elementor editor and insert the Listing Grid widget in it. In the Content > General tab of the widget’s settings, we choose the created listing, Tour listing, and apply varied content and style settings.

listing grid video

Viewing the Video on the Front End

Let’s view how it looks on the front end.

listing grid video

That’s all. Embed video to the WordPress website using the Dynamic Repeater widget of the JetEngine plugin.

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