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How to Set a Video for the WooCommerce Product in the Gallery Slider Block

How to Set a Video for the WooCommerce Product in the Gallery Slider Block

This tutorial reveals how to set the video for WooCommerce in Gutenberg with the JetProductGallery plugin.

JetProductGallery is a WordPress plugin that helps to display WooCommerce products more attractively than ever. 

Discover how to make the product display even more eye-catching with products video.

Setting a Video for Products in Gutenberg

Proceed to the WooCommerce Products on the WordPress Dashboard and click on the “Edit” button of the product you want to supplement with a video.

Mind to copy the product ID that appears on hover; we will need it to adjust the block.

woocommerce products

Scroll down until you see the Jet Product Gallery Video section on the right part of the product editor.

Select the Video Type. It can be either YouTube or Vimeo-based, or “Self Hosted,” which means uploaded from the hard drive. Set the Placeholder if desired, and paste the Video URL from the specified video service.

jetproductgallery video url

Push the “Update” button and navigate to the page where you want to place the gallery.

Adding a Block to the Page

Apply any blocks available with the JetProductGallery; they all support video format. For instance, we adjust the Gallery Slider block on the usual Gutenberg page. 

Select “WooCommerce Products” as the Source and point out the Product ID. We need to specify the ID as we edit the usual page.

gallery slider general settings
Things to know

Find ID in the Products list by opening the WooCommerce tab on the WordPress Dashboard and hovering on the needed product.

Set up the following Images and Slider tabs and move to the Video tab.

gallery slider video settings
  • Display Video In — set the way a video will be displayed. Choose “Content” to display video right beside the images or place video in a “Popup”;
  • Display Video In — select a video resolution;
  • Display Video at First Place — enabled toggle puts the video first, before other images;
  • Autoplay — play the video right after proceeding to it;
  • Loop — loop the video so that it plays again when it ends;
  • Show Play Button — place the play button on the center of the video placeholder. Choose its icon by clicking the “Select Play Button Icon” button.
Things to know

If you want to style the JetProductGallery widgets, install the JetStyleManager plugin, it is entirely free. After installing and activating the plugin, press the brush-looking button in the top right corner of the editor..

Now you can adjust the appearance of the block accordingly.

gallery slider jetstylemanager settings

Update the page by pushing the same-named button. Now you can check the result.

video on the front end

The video is now displayed in the Gallery Slider. Mind that you can use any available gallery blocks from the JetProductGallery to get the same result.

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