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Getting the Right Item Path for REST API

Getting the Right Item Path for REST API

What does the red message mean exactly? And how can I manage to get the right item path? Can I find it in the API documentation?

Modified on: Fri, 23 Feb, 2024
path option

That error occurs because the Items path has been pointed incorrectly. 

To show how to find the correct item path in the REST API documentation, we will analyze several free APIs from the RapidAPI website.

Setting the RapidAPI Endpoint

To use the RapidAPI Endpoint, navigate to JetEngine dashboard > REST API Endpoints and click on the “+ New Endpoint” button.

At the same time, click on the link and go to the Urban Dictionary API. Sign up or log in to the RapidAPI website if you haven’t done it yet.

Copy the URL in the Code Snippets tab in the right column.

api endpoint url

Paste the URL in the API Endpoint URL field.

jetengine api endpoint url

Skip the Items path field; we will describe its settings further.

Toggle on the Authorization option and select the “RapidAPI” Authorization type.

rapidapi authorization type

From the RapidAPI website, copy the RapidAPI key and RapidAPI host.

rapidapi host and rapidapi key

Paste them into the RapidAPI Key and RapidAPI Host fields, respectively.

jetengine rapidapi key and rapidapi host

Finally, from the RapidAPI website, copy the params (term: ‘wat’ in our case).

api term

Paste it into the Query String field and change the colon to the equal sign (term=’wat’, for example).

query string

Be aware that this field is optional, and not all API endpoints require the Query String to be filled.

Setting the Items Path

Proceed to the Urban Dictionary link and click on the “Test Endpoint” button.

test endpoint

In the Results tab in the right column, you can see that the items are nested.

api results

Enter /list into the Item path field.

item path

Click on the “Send Request” button to check the API endpoint connection. The Connected status shows that all settings are correct. After you finish, hit the “Save” button.

enddpoint connection status

Let’s have a look at other RapidAPI endpoints.

For the other NBA API endpoint, you need to enter the /data items path.

free nba api documentation

That’s all. You know now how to set the correct items path for the API endpoints.

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