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Organize posts and terms in adaptable grids in WordPress Gutenberg blocks with no limits

wordpress grid builder plugin by crocoblock

Create Grids for Everything

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You can resize the image here by pulling its corner & move the picture along the grid

Display Content Dynamically


Flexible Custom Post Type to add any type of content to the website.


Post content type to showcase and update content regulary


Pages content type for rarely changed information on your site.


Specific product post type to display e-commerce items and their characteristics.


Categories and sub-categories in which content items are grouped

Extended Compatibility

Extended Compatibility

Maybe, you already created some custome post types and don’t want to waste time remaking them to unify and display. Whichever tool you choose to create the posts – WooCommerce plugin, ACF, Metabox, etc. – be sure that our Gutenberg grid plugin will display them smoothly.

If you use JetEngine plugin, choose one of the previously made JetEngine listings. Apply its design to the cards and organize them in Gutenberg grid blocks.

Building grids
layouts can be fun!

JetGridBuilder plugin is flexible: from now on, you don’t need to keep precise rows height or calculate the space between the tiles. Place your posts in any order and change the size, seeing the result instantly.

  • Define number of columns for grid
  • Resize and style each card
  • Move card along the grid
  • Set the gap between cards
  • Align posts to the top automatically
  • Personalized Loading Spinner
Building grids

Customizable Backing Grid

Choose number of columns, change the gutter to set width of the gap between grid cells to create more sophisticated grids.

Unique Vertical Compact Feature

Place the post tiles anywhere on the grid. Turn Vertical Compact toggle on to make the posts automatically aligned to the top.

Adaptable Thumbnail

Turn the Thumbnail toggle on to show the featured image in the tile and to select its size.Turn the toggle off to leave only text part of the tile.

The Best Thing About JetGridBuilder

It’s 100% FREE