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Cannot Make a User Profile Clickable in the Listing Grid

Cannot Make a User Profile Clickable in the Listing Grid


How do you make a single user clickable in the Users listing grid?


Need to make the site user profiles easily reachable? You could create, let’s say, a User listing, output it through the Listing Grid widget where every User will be assigned a link that leads to his/her profile page. That’s quite simple!

Create a separate Listing 

The first thing you need to do is to create a Listing that’ll actually store your Users. Go to JetEngine > Listings > Add New and configure it like this:

listing grid creation settings

Set up a Listing Item in Elementor

In the newly-opened Elementor window, find the Heading widget and place it anywhere you like. Proceed to the setup. In the Link row, click on the Dynamic Tags icon and pick the “Profile Page URL” tag. Once you see the Settings tab, choose the following options:

User field settings tab in the link row

Note: if you’re not sure which option to pick in the Profile Page drop-down, you can check it in the Profile Builder settings. Go to JetEngine > Profile Builder, click on the User Page tab and you’ll see the page name that should go into the Profile Page drop-down.

profile page tab in the settings

Now, you can set the Title row in a way to display the link as it suits you. You can type into the Title text area any required text. Or, you can go the extra mile and pull the nickname of the queried User into it. To do so, configure the Link row settings as shown below:

User field settings tab in the title row

Check out the frontend result

Go to the page where you want to place the Users Listing and edit it with Elementor. Find the Listing Grid widget, drop it anywhere you please, and select the correct listing to be shown on the page. Update the changes and see how it works in the front:

That’s it! You’ve made a page leading to single user clickable. Just in case: JetEngine’s Profile Builder overview can be found in this tutorial:

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