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Cannot Troubleshoot a 500 Internal Server Error

Cannot Troubleshoot a 500 Internal Server Error


I continuously get a Server 500 error when editing my templates


So, you were editing a website template in Elementor and wanted to save the changes to it. Instead, you were shown the following error:

elementor 500 internal server error picture

How do you fix an Elementor 500 error? It’s quite simple. The common reason for that is improperly set memory limit.

Increase the memory limit

It is advised to set the memory limit to at least 512MB in order for Elementor to work properly. 

To check if you’ve allocated enough memory, go to Elementor > System Info in the WP admin panel. Scroll down to the “WordPress Environment” section and see if the number in the Memory limit line exceeds 512MB. 

elementor memory limit in wp dashboard

If not, make sure to increase the memory limit as described in this tutorial:

You can also read about other common reasons for Elementor 500 error here:

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