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Top 9 Engaging WordPress Communities to Join and Stay Up-to-Date
Anastasiia Usichenko
WordPress Copywriter
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Top 9 Engaging WordPress Communities to Join and Stay Up-to-Date

The world of WordPress is incredibly dynamic, with new trends, tools, and developments emerging every single day. How to stay up-to-date with all the latest changes? Where to look for ideas and fresh news?

Ponder no more; the answer is social networks!

I’m sure that WordPress experts are one of the most notable communities in the world. They share their findings and ideas and quickly help their colleagues understand some issues or find the right solution. 

Most of all, they do it for free in Facebook groups and community forums. Today, I will tell you about nine wonderful active WordPress Facebook groups and one Slack community where you can find the information you need, discuss a hot trend, and network just for fun. 

If you’ve not subscribed to them yet, be sure to do so. 

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Which WordPress Communities to Join? 

There are almost too many Facebook groups, and it would take a lifetime to analyze them and choose the best ones.

In this article, I’ve gathered the most popular communities where users are actively interacting and willing to socialize.

Dynamic WordPress

Dynamic WordPress community

This WordPress community by Webtng has 8,800+ active users and was created on December 4, 2020. There are about 200 posts per month where users discuss WordPress, themes, page builders, plugins, and dynamic content

Interestingly, the community is very active, and after publication, a post gains dozens of views literally within minutes.

Global Elementor Community

Global Elementor Community

As you can easily guess, this Facebook community is dedicated to Elementor website development. It was created in 2016 and already unites more than 147,500+ people worldwide. 

Both newbie members and experienced users actively participate: the former are taking their first steps and asking for advice, and the latter are looking for complex solutions while spreading the knowledge.

With more than 1,000 monthly posts, the community will indeed have something interesting to look forward to.


WPTuts Community

WPTuts was created by the founder of the YouTube channel of the same name, Paul Charlton. You’ve probably seen his reviews of various plugins and video instructions to tame some stubborn features. The group is dedicated to approximately the same issues and has over 13,500 members. 

This Facebook community was created in 2019, and now, about 100 posts per month are published there. 

Interestingly, in this WordPress group, not just members communicate, but Paul himself also publishes all the cool new features he finds.

The Admin Bar Community

The Admin Bar Community

The next interesting web spot you should consider is The Admin Bar Community, which has 9,200 members so far.

Most of the members are developers and designers. The best part is that the community has a group where you can get feedback on your website or design: TAB Feedback Lounge.

The Admin Bar Community was created in 2018 by Kyle Van Deusen. The community founders developed a website owner’s manual to help developers better communicate with their clients.

Living With Pixels Community

Living with pixels community

The Living with Pixels community was created for designers by Rino de Boer, a YouTube channel owner. The community has 6,000 active users.

Here, you can get feedback on your design or ask for advice. The users are very friendly in finding a solution, and the overall atmosphere of the channel is like a friendly get-together.

Web Squadron

Web Squadron community

The Web Squadron community is relatively young and was only created in 2022 but it already has over 5,000 users. The group was started by Imran Siddiq, who has over 19 years of experience in web design and marketing. 

There are more than 200 posts a month in the community. People share their designs, feedback, and interesting content.

Bricks Community

Bricks Community

Bricks is a visual site builder for WordPress, and the community was created for those who actively use it in their work. 

The community was created in 2021 and now has over 15,200 members. More than 1,000 posts are published every month. Here, you can find answers to almost any question about how to make something based on Bricks.

Lytbox Community

Lytbox community

The Lytbox Community is a place for web creators, freelancers, and agency owners about all things WordPress. It was created by the founder of Lytbox Academy, Jeffrey Dalrymple, in 2019. It is a space where you can get design feedback. There are now over 9,200 users in the community.

At Lytbox Academy, you can find useful materials for developers and web designers, and on the YouTube channel, you can see more than 100 videos dedicated to different design issues.

Post Status

Post Status homepage

Post Status offers their subscription to a closed group in Slack, where they have been posting WordPress news for 15 years, talking about their partners, and helping to find new solutions. 

It is beneficial for those who offer their product to WordPress developers because they find new customers and increase their visibility and for subscribers because they keep abreast of the industry news and the latest developments. Participation costs $1,000 a year.

Also, they share meetups and different channels you can join. So when you join the community, you have all the actual information in one place. 


Why join WordPress communities?

You may have different goals – to keep tabs on the latest news and trends, get feedback on your design or development, or learn how to solve this or that issue. In any case, participation in such communities is instrumental.

How much does it cost to participate in WordPress communities?

Most of these communities are based on social networks – Facebook, Linkedin, etc. – and participation is free.

How do I join a WordPress community?

In most cases, you need to apply and answer the admins’ questions, like “What information do you want to find in the community?” Choose the right community and see what rules of participation they expect you to follow.

Final Thoughts

Being in a community of like-minded people who can give honest feedback on your work, support, or suggest some useful solution is very important in any profession. It is essential for those who devote much attention and effort to development in their field.

In this article, you have seen nine engaging communities you can join today. Feel free to ask questions in these groups and share your opinions. In such professional communities, it is encouraged. 🤗

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