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From Crocoblock With Love: 2020 in Review
Eleonora Zolotarova
Content Marketer
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From Crocoblock With Love: 2020 in Review

2020 was challenging, but productive for our entire team! We felt this especially when we made a list of everything we managed to do. So, let’s go.

  • JetEngine Massive Upgrade

JetEngine blew us away in 2019, and the focal point in our to-do list 2020 was raising your favorite plugin to a whole new level. ? Thus, JetEngine got complex features for you to add and edit dynamic content without limitations.

  • JetEngine from A to Z course

After skyrocketing JetEngine’s features, we teamed up with Paul Charlton from WPTuts and created the YouTube “A to Z” course so that you can easily understand all the functions and use the capabilities of JetEngine to the maximum.

  • Dynamic Templates – a turning point in the world of WordPress templates 

We are proud to have come up with something entirely new for our users. The “dynamic” means that these templates are not just pre-designed like any standard WP template but also coded in advance. Any changes you make within the custom post type will apply to the whole website, and no manual work is needed. 

  • CCT – Custom Content Type 

This autumn, we’ve launched another game-changer. We hacked the common approach to data storage and created Custom Content Type (CCT). CCT is inherently similar to custom post type but allows you to create a separate table in the WordPress database to store its data. Thus, you no longer have to worry about large databases that slow down your website!

  • JetAppointment Launch

And now, you can flexibly implement hourly booking services and payment systems on your website.

  • JetMenu Update

This year, JetMenu became much more user-friendly, enabled customization and styling your mobile menu apart from the desktop one, added a new Hamburger Menu widget, and implemented numerous updates to the Mega Menu widget. 

  • ADA Customizer Launch 

We partnered with accessiBe – a web accessibility solution that automatically applies changes to your website and makes it absolutely ADA & WCAG compliant. For those who already work with this software, we launched a free ADA customizer and installer for accessiBe.

  • Dashboard Redesign

And now, navigating JetPlugins inside WordPress has become even more convenient and intuitive.

  • A Star Is Born

2020 marked with the launch of #JetTalks – live QA sessions with our CTO Andrew Shevchenko and other team members. 

Guys, we didn’t even expect to receive such excellent feedback from you, thank you! 

  • JetGridBuilder Launch

Drag and drop wow-layouts with our newly-launched and absolutely free plugin available for both Elementor and Gutenberg. 

  • Next Stop: Becoming Gutenberg-Friendly

Or rather, this is the current one. Crocoblock plugins are gradually becoming compatible with Gutenberg. JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, and JetGridBuilder have become available for Gutenberg already this year!

  • Issues aren’t issues anymore 

Our dev team successfully resolved as many as 763 issues on GitHub in 2020.

  • 5.0 – Excellent

It seems that our efforts aren’t in vain because, in 2020, we received 198 excellent 5-stars reviews on TrustPilot! ?

Thank you, our Croco people, for staying with us during this year! We promise you that we won’t stop and keep on developing Croco products with enthusiasm, listen to all your requests, and make the world of WordPress an even more comfortable place. 

Happy New Year! ?

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