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JetSmartFilters and 3rd-Party Plugins: ACF and More
Eleonora Zolotarova
Content Marketer
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JetSmartFilters and 3rd-Party Plugins: ACF and More

Sure, you already know that JetSmartFilters is the plugin by Crocoblock that allows you to filter anything and in a way you want it. You can use it within any site, from E-commerce to Portfolio.  JetSmartFilters comes with 15 widgets, including ten widgets corresponding to 10 different filter types and five additional widgets to excel the filtering options. 

JetSmartFilters officially work with different providers:

  • JetEngine
  • Elementor Pro
  • WooCommerce

We grant our users 100% compatibility with these products, as well as full support in case of any issues. BUT it doesn’t mean that you can’t use our filtering plugin with 3rd-party providers!

Probably the most frequent answer we receive on this matter refers to the compatibility of JetSmartFilters and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. And without further ado – yes, you can use them together!

JetSmartFilters and ACF: Compatibility

The compatibility means that you won’t have to re-insert data to the ACF meta fields while integrating it to the JetSmartFilters. The algorithm is simple:

  1. Create the JetEngine listing.
  2. Create a Listing Grid that shows the ACF meta fields.
  3. Sort the results via JetSmartFilters.

Learn how to create the Listing Grid using ACF meta fields and apply the filter to the Listing Grid in this tutorial.

Please note: Although JetSmartFilters and ACF are all in all compatible with each other, there are three fields that you WON’T be able to use for the data filtering –  Checkbox, Date Picker, and Date Time Picker. It happens because these two plugins store the data in different ways that can’t be sufficiently comprehended by each other. 

JetSmartFilters and 3rd-party Plugins

Is JetSmartFilters compatible with other plugins? It is. Our testers checked compatibility with Pods, Custom Post Type UI, and others, and it works fine together, despite some limitations due to different data formats. In fact, the point is that JetSmartFilters simply provides the field where we insert the key of our custom meta field, and it doesn’t matter if this field was created via JetEngine, ACF, or other plugins.

As I said before, our team ensures full compatibility and support from the team only if using the combination of plugins by Crocoblock. But since the users’ comfort is our top priority, we don’t restrict using our plugins along with other 3rd-party plugins in any way.