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9 Best WordPress Restaurant and Food Websites Built with Crocoblock
Anastasiia Usichenko
WordPress Copywriter
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9 Best WordPress Restaurant and Food Websites Built with Crocoblock

Beautiful websites made with Crocoblock will help you feel the incredible aroma of freshly prepared dishes and imagine yourself in one of the best restaurants.

This article has collected nine sites to help you find inspiration and create your unique site with Crocoblock.

Steak Cattle and Roll

Steak Cattle and Roll homepage

The goal of a site that represents a restaurant, cafe, or other catering establishment is to create an appetite in visitors, and Steak Cattle and Roll, a cocktail bar site, does an excellent job of this.

The resource is made in black and red colors so as not to distract from the most crucial thing—images of delicious burgers and cocktails of this establishment. With the help of a dynamic video, the first screen immediately immerses you in the restaurant’s atmosphere.

Then you can see the restaurant’s most popular dishes and book a table. And if you want to find a restaurant, the site has a detailed map to help you navigate.

At the bottom of the site, you will find many photos from the restaurant and reviews so that you have no doubts about whether it is worth visiting this restaurant.

Also, at the very end of the page, there are links to social networks and the ability to order delivery and buy a voucher—everything you need for the best customer experience.

A wonderful parallax effect and a carousel with the best dishes that you see on the first page were made using the JetElements plugin:

best dishes Steak Cattle and Roll



JetPlugins used on the site:

JetElements, JetTricks

🔗 Check out the live site

Javligt Gott

Javligt Gott homepage

Great website for vegan recipes. Made in black and white colors and it has more attractive photos of vegetarian food that you immediately want to cook.

Javligt Gott is Swedish for “really good.” It characterizes the recipes you’ll find on the site. In addition, the first screen has a search bar that helps you quickly find your favorite dishes.

A photo from the project’s Instagram shows what the dishes you cook will look like. Below you can find a list of all the recipes and cook something new for dinner.

If you want to keep up to date with all the project news and helpful cooking tips, you can follow Javligt Gott on YouTube and Instagram. The buttons on the social network are located in the site’s header and accompany you while scrolling.

On this site, a lot of features are implemented using JetPlugins. For example, the menu was created using JetMenu, and pop-ups using JetPopup. A convenient search for your favorite recipes is made using JetSearch. All recipes are written in blog format, and this section is made with JetBlog.

Theme & Template:


JetPlugins used on the site:

JetElements, JetSmartFilters, JetBlog, JetTricks, JetMenu, JetPopup, JetTabs, JetBlocks, JetSearch, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Oscar Delivery

Oscar Delivery homepage

If you want to create a delivery website, this resource made with JetPlugins will help you find inspiration.

The site is small, but you can find everything you need: promotions, recommendations, phone numbers for ordering, and menus.

The site is also in black and white, with large images of dishes to try. At the bottom of the site is a link to the Facebook page, where you can find reviews, photos of visitors, and current news.

This site also has many features made with JetPlugins. For example, the parallax you see right at the beginning of the site is created using JetElements. Content organization is made using JetBlocks. And the list of dishes with prices was made using JetEngine.

prices in Oscar Delivery

Theme & Template:

Ciprian Pentelescu

JetPlugins used on the site:

JetElements, JetWooBuilder, JetMenu, JetPopup, JetTabs, JetBlocks, JetEngine, JetThemeCore

🔗 Check out the live site

Wood Water

Wood Water homepage

The Crocoblock team selected the website of the Polish alcohol brand as the best website of the week. And it’s not just that. The site allows you to purchase bourbon, rum, or whiskey from the Wood Water brand. It reflects the character of these drinks—elegant and seasoned.

Black colors prevail on the website. All information is indicated in white text. The site has a blog, a store, social media buttons, and a brand story.

Images are the main thing on this site. The product photos on this site are created using JetProductGallery, and the information blocks are made using JetBlocks.

Dynamic elements on the site and pop-ups are made using JetElements. Search functionality is added with JetSearch. 

Theme & Template:

Thomas Anderson

JetPlugins used on the site:

JetElements, JetWooBuilder, JetProductGallery, JetBlocks

🔗 Check out the live site

Flavourz by Servais

Flavourz by Servais homepage

This restaurant resource immediately immerses you in the establishment’s cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Already from the first screen, you can feel like a welcome guest. The first page contains promotions and images of dishes, as well as the ability to book a table.

The site also has a section with a menu and a section with a photo of the restaurant.

The Flavourz by Servais site is exquisite and seasoned, which is why it became the month’s site in the Crocoblock ranking. The menu on the site is made using JetMenu, and all content is placed in blocks made using JetBlocks. The parallax effect on the site is implemented using JetElements.

Theme & Template:

Joe Kns

JetPlugins used on the site:

JetElements, JetMenu, JetTabs, JetBlocks

🔗 Check out the live site


Groedgrisen homepage

Another exciting recipe site and food blog at the same time. Made in delicate pink colors with a large image of dishes you can cook using the resource.

The site has a section of popular recipes; you can find something special in the search. All recipes are divided into categories, so navigation is straightforward. Large, high-quality photos of dishes make you want to cook them sooner.

Thanks to the JetSmartFilters and JetSearch plugins, this site has very convenient search and navigation. The layout is done with JetElements, and the subscription form is implemented with JetPopup.

Theme & Template:

Frederick Beier

JetPlugins used on the site:

JetElements, JetSmartFilters, JetPopup, JetSearch, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Trois Coeurs Gourmands

Trois Coeurs Gourmands homepage

This is the website of the Trois Coeurs Gourmands, a Parisian confectionery team. It is made in black colors with seductive images of cakes, eclairs, pastries, and other desserts.

On the site, you can order a dessert for a particular date or order a master class. In addition, there are contacts for communication and images of desserts that you can order.

The Trois Coeurs Gourmands site developers used parallax effect from JetElements. Customers can place an order thanks to JetFormBuilder, which allows you to create fully customized forms.

Theme & Template:


JetPlugins used on the site:

JetElements, JetTabs, JetBlocks, JetEngine, JetFormBuilder

🔗 Check out the live site

The Mumma Secret

The Mumma Secret homepage

Another great resource that won the week’s site is The Mumma Secret. It is a shop of spices, jams, oils, and other products you use for daily cooking.

The site is made in pastel colors, pink and blue. All products are divided into categories, so it’s easy to find what you need and order.

There is a feedback form, so customers can ask questions about the store’s product range and receive an answer by email. In addition, all the site visitors can see the banner with the discount.

On this site, we see a menu and the ability to place an order made with JetPlugins. For example, the shop’s items are created using JetWooBuilder and JetEngine. 

Theme & Template:

Thor Solutions

JetPlugins used on the site:

JetWooBuilder, JetTabs, JetEngine

🔗 Check out the live site

Les Papilles d’Udibri

Les papilles d'Udibri homepage

This site is dedicated to French and international cuisine recipes and deserves special attention. A beautiful gallery of dishes greets the visitor on the first screen. Moving elements, mouth-watering photos—all this makes you want to start cooking as soon as possible.

All recipes are divided into two categories so that you can quickly find a new dessert or some main dish. It is also possible to choose a recipe for cooking speed, type of cuisine, etc.

The site has a lot of interesting elements created with JetPlugins. For example, the Listing Grid widget in the format of which recipes are displayed on the first page is made thanks to JetEngine. The recipes on the page change dynamically according to the publication date. As soon as you add new ones, they are displayed on the page. A convenient search by various criteria is made using JetSmartFilters and JetSearch.

Theme & Template:


JetPlugins used on the site: 

JetSmartFilters, JetSearch, JetEngine, JetReviews

🔗 Check out the live site


So, creating a restaurant website or a food blog is not an easy task. However, it should be beautiful and appealing, so you should pay special attention to the gallery design and photos.

Also, the site must have all the necessary information so that people can order your dishes and products or cook according to your recipe.

JetPlugins are great helpers to bring your wildest ideas to life. You can create blogs, dynamic websites, booking websites, and more with them. They make it possible to make an attractive gallery, a functional order or booking form, a review block, and a feedback window.

If you want us to tell our audience about your site, submit your project.