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Section Parallax

This plugin is working with Elementor editor

Part of JetElements

Apply parallax effects to any webpage element with the Section Parallax extension for Elementor.

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$43 per
section parallax widget for elementor by crocoblock

Use Parallax Effects to Create Awesome Pages

vertical scroll effect

Make the Storytelling More Eye-Catchy

Convey a lot of information fluidly

You can layer heavy visual content like photo galleries and infographics.

top photos overlapping background photos with opacity effect

Focus on the key object on the website

Set accents on the slideshow-like, portfolio, and one-page sites with a compelling design.

top photos overlapping background photos with opacity effect

Create a sense of enhanced interactive experience

Enhance the illusion of depth, 3D and tunnel effects, and immersion in the scenes.

3D rotation effect applied to the Mona Lisa painting

Explore Additional Parallax Settings


Choose the image layer that will move over the previously chosen background picture.

Enable on device

You can set a certain parallax effect to appear on a tablet, desktop, or mobile device.


Indicate which image layer will overlap the remaining ones by calibrating the Z-index.

Background position

Adjust the horizontal and vertical position of a layer’s picture regarding the background image.

Background size

Choose the picture layer’s size from the original, resized to fill the entire section, and non-resized to fit in the section.

Animation property

Apply the layer animation to the whole background, separate minor elements, or make the element look like a 3D object.

Parallax speed

Set the desired movement speed for every individual image layer.

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