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Elevate Woo Projects with Crocoblock Ecommerce Set

Use a hand-picked JetPlugins set for Elementor to build advanced e-commerce shops.

199 129 per
$149 per
e-commerce set for shop page customization

Explore All-Embracing Customization Options
for E-commerce Shops

Single pages

Get a toolkit for product page customization.


Configure product filters and AJAX search.


Build a checkout page layout and customize it.


Customize product details, status, price, etc.

Customize Single Product Page and Gallery Layouts

product attributes on the single product page

Manipulate custom fields and product attributes

  • Customize product tabs
  • Change product labels by color, text, view, etc.
  • Display additional fields to expand the default product details
  • Customize the add-to-cart button and add custom buttons
related products with custom badges

Build the desired content sections

  • Showcase suggested and related products
  • Add a webpage block for the featured product
  • Build a layout for recent products
  • Create separate blocks for product sales
  • Output cross-sale products and more

Build product image gallery, slider, and carousel layouts

  • vertical
  • classic/modern grid
  • slider
gallery layouts for single product page

Customize single product pages and variations

  • gallery
  • slider
  • thumbnail
  • placeholder
  • lightbox
  • images/video
product variations and custom fields

Apply animation effects

  • hover
  • zoom
  • flip
  • swap
  • rollover

Compare and contrast products

Employ the dedicated widgets, including Compare, Compare Count Button, and Compare Button.

compare products

Build wishlist pages for Favorites

Use the Wishlist, Wishlist Count Button, and Wishlist Button widgets to add the needed functionality.

add products to wishlist and favorites

Implement Search, Filtering, and Sorting for WooCommerce Products and Custom Post Types

Filter products by

  • taxonomy, category, and tag
  • price, brand, and rating
  • variations like size and color
  • stock status (sale)
  • custom field
  • attribute
ajax search and filters for woocommerce products

Customize product sorting by extra parameters

  • price
  • arrival date
  • stock (sale %)
  • alphabet
product sorting for woocommerce

Build fast-loading AJAX search and filters

Build a search bar to find anything by any query

  • SKU
  • product meta and custom fields
  • category and tag
  • attributes
  • booking availability
ajax search bar

Enable fuzzy search

Create a database for user searches and show suggestions in the AJAX dropdown:

  • products users may like
  • user search history
  • the most popular search queries
  • auto-correct common mistakes
fuzzy search suggestions

Customize the search results page template

  • Generate SEO-friendly URLs
  • Show results in the list, grid, or masonry view

Build Custom Checkout, Cart, and Customer Account

custom checkout, cart, and thank you page templates

Customize Checkout and Thank You pages

  • Develop a custom layout, choosing from one-page checkout, multi-step, etc.
  • Customize the order review block
  • Add forms to collect billing, payment, and shipping details
  • Incorporate a coupon form additionally
  • Set up a Thank You page after checkout

Add essential elements to the Cart page

  • Place the cart icon in the header
  • Make it possible to quick-open the cart from a sidebar
  • Suggest other interesting products boosting cross-sells
  • Customize the empty cart message
  • Add the order table and calculate total
custom cart page template
ajax mini cart

Build a mini-cart for a seamless UX

Build a Customer account from scratch

  • Customize login and registration forms
  • Develop a user menu and dashboard
  • Enable the Remember Me option
  • Incorporate a Return to Shop feature
  • Display new and completed orders
  • Showcase downloads for each customer
customer account page with user menu and orders

Perfect the Product Listings and Catalog Display

Pick the desired view for the Shop page

  • categories grid
  • product grid
  • product list
  • tabbed category
grid and list views for the shop page

Add the ability to preorder goods

Create waitlists and notify users once the products become available.

products back in stock

Refine the product output by

  • setting up product navigation
  • showcasing the product results count
  • adding pagination to the product catalog
product pagination and navigation

Explore Crocoblock-Powered Demos

dynamic online store website template by crocoblock

WooCommerce website template for Elementor

dynamic e-commerce template for selling books
Only Books

Dynamic bookstore template for Elementor

JetPlugins You Get in the E-commerce Set

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yannick garcia

Yannick García

La Máquina del Branding,
WordPress Trainer

JetPlugins changed the web development paradigm with WordPress. They broke down the barriers that made it impossible for someone without advanced coding knowledge to create web pages handling complex dynamic data. As a trainer of thousands of Spanish-speaking users, I can say that JetPlugins has become the primary tool for any web developer, regardless of their level, to be able to offer digital business solutions to their clients.

abdul muqsit

Abdul Muqsit

Digital Marketing Specialist

Crocoblock is an absolute game-changer! Its extensive collection of tools and features allows for seamless website building and customization. The user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates make it easy for me to create stunning websites without coding expertise. The excellent customer support and regular updates add to the overall fantastic experience. I highly recommend Crocoblock to anyone looking to enhance their WordPress website-building process!

haim benisty

Haim Benisty

Web Designer & WordPress Expert

As a web designer and WordPress expert for 15 years, I can say without a doubt that Crocoblock plugins upgraded my career! They gave me the wings to build advanced and expensive websites without coding. There is almost no site where I don't install at least one JetPlugin. Thank you for a life-changing product.

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