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The best WooCommerce plugins for Elementor

Create single product page templates

Use Elementor to empower custom WooCommerce product page templates with any layout and content.

Build products archive layouts

Create a single product card to style up the way the products are displayed within the classic products loop.

Design any shop page layout

Take full control over your e-commerce website with custom Shop page built to increase sales.

Super fast AJAX filters

Filter products by price

Use the Range filter type to enable visitors specify the price range within which to look for the right product.

Select any product category

Add Select, Checkbox or Radio filter type to let the visitor choose the needed product category.

Use product attributes filter

Enable the visitor to check or select
the custom attributes you’ve set for the products.

Check or uncheck price range

Let the visitor narrow down the price ranges within which to look for the products.

Apply the date range

Allow the visitor search within the newest
or previous product collections.

Search for the needed product

Make it easy to search for the product
using the super fast Search filter.

50+ Elementor widgets for WooCommerce

Advanced AJAX search box to ensure everyone finds what he’s after

Use popups

Increase your customers’ awareness of the offers and discounts

Emphasize all the benefits

Let the visitor narrow down the price ranges within which to look for the products.

Effectively cut the bounce rate

Increase upsells with dynamic content displayed at the right moment.

Showcase limited offers

Add any dynamic or static elements to popups to display discounts.

Work with returning customers

Engage clients into buying repeatedly showing offers to registered users only.

Make a wish and place it to the wishlist

Provide all the necessary means for your customers to add their favorite products into wishlists.

Compare products to emphasize the value

Use products comparison to let the prospects compare the products and decide on buying based on the quality and price.

Show off the products effectively with JetProductGallery widgets

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