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Downloading and Editing the Invoice

Downloading and Editing the Invoice

Download or edit the invoice using your Personal Account.

An invoice is a document necessary to confirm that you use products legally. This payment document has a list of products and their prices, used in business as a sale record. Therefore, the importance of its correct filling is obvious.

You can download and edit the invoice referred to the purchased product via your Personal Account. To do this, enter your Personal Account, navigate to the Purchase Details block, and roll it down by clicking the “View details” link.

view details link

To download the invoice, click the “Download Invoice” link, and to edit the invoice info (in the pop-up form), click on the pencil icon.

edit invoice link

Now you can download the invoice as a pdf document.

invoice edit form

If you need to amend some data (in particular, the street addresses, city, state/province, zip/postal code, and country), click on the pencil icon near the “Download Invoice” link.

As long as the invoice contains the info according to the data in the form, you will download the invoice with the new data if you change something.

If you want to change the purchase name, you can edit it via the Settings tab of your Personal Account. To do this, navigate to the top of the account and click the Settings tab.

settings tab

Here you can not only change your name, primary and additional emails, but your billing address and your password. 

change your name section of the settings tab change your billing address section of the settings tab change your password section of the settings tab

Remember that you can change data here and download the invoice with new data.

That’s all about how to edit and download the invoice.

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