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Crocoblock Account Overview

Crocoblock Account Overview

A complete guide to the Crocoblock account details, purchase information, licenses, and updates.

Account Type

Initially, on the upper side of the page, the type of the account can be selected: “Customer” or “Affiliate.”

choose your crocoblock account type

Settings and Log Out

The “Settings” button in the upper right corner allows users to edit the Account Settings

The second “Log Out” button exits the current page to let the user enter other credentials for logging in to the Crocoblock account.

crocoblock account and log out buttons


The following Downloads section includes Plugins and Beta Releases purchased by the user.

The available materials can be downloaded by pressing the “Download” button next to the item.

downloads section in crocoblock account


The Extras section contains supplementary products available with Crocoblock, such as themes, Crocoblock Wizard, and additional plugins.

From the Crocoblock account page, the user can also download the JetFormBuilder plugin.

extras section in crocoblock account

Purchase Details

On the right side of the page, the Purchase details are displayed if some purchases were made on the website. 

More detailed information on the purchase can be found by clicking the “View Details” button.

crocoblock purchase details section

The details include information about the date and price of the purchase, payment status, discounts applied, invoices for downloading, and license details.

In the License part of the purchase details, the license renewal button is presented. Here, the Crocoblock subscription can also be upgraded or canceled if needed.

Things to know

The Refund option is also available for Crocoblock users. It can be requested within 30 days only after the date of purchase.

In the Installs field, there is a possibility to add websites to the subscription. Crocoblock also provides a “License Subkeys” feature that can be managed in this section.

Special Offers

After the Purchase Details, the Special offers section presents limited offers available only for Crocoblock users.

crocoblock account special offers banner

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