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How to showcase brand logos in most stylish ways with JetElements Logo Showcase widget

Learn more about the ultra-stylish Logo Showcase widget. It’s included in JetElements plugin, that provides half of a hundred widgets for Elementor.

You can visualize brands and companies by means of attaching their logo images, adding the links and styling them up!

Logo Showcase widget

Adding brand logos to Elementor-built pages

Step 1 — First of all, log in to your website and open the page where you want to use Logo Showcase widget with Elementor.

Logo Showcase widget

Step 2 — You can also use the Magic Button and find the brands samples in the Sections > Brand tab.

Step 3 — Then, select the number of columns in the Content block. It’s possible to create up to 6 brands.


Step 4 — Afterwards, fill in the Name, Description, URL fields and upload the companies’ logos.


Step 5 — After that, proceed to the Style section, where you can personalize the widget.

Styling up

Step 1 — The Company Item block empowers you to set the item’s Alignment.

Step 2 — In the Company Logo block, you are able to customize the Border Radius, Border Type, Box Shadow, Alignment and Logo Wrapper.


Step 3 — The Company Name block makes you in charge of modifying the Title Color, Typography, Margin and Alignment.

Step 4Company Description is a block, where you pick the Title Color, Typography, Margin and Alignment of the description.

Step 5 — Moreover, there is an option allowing you to preview your changes at the bottom of the Elementor page builder.

Besides, you can click the Responsive Mode to find out, how a new widget will look like on a desktop, a tablet or mobile device.

Finally, click the Update button in the bottom-right corner of the page builder. Enjoy your new Logo Showcase widget!