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JetElements Settings overview

From this tutorial, you are able to learn about JetElements Settings block and explore how to operate with them for better plugins performance.

You can find JetElements settings in the Elementor > JetElements Settings block in the WP Dashboard. There are a lot of options, which will make working with JetElements plugin easier.

General Settings

Here you can enable or disable SVG images upload status and allow the usage of Jet templates in Elementor templates library. Moreover, you can choose a certain set of options, which will be available in the widget’s Style tab (Low, Medium, Advanced, Full) in the Editor Load Level field.

JetElements general settings


Google Maps

In the Google Map block, you need to insert the Google Map API key for displaying the data in the Advanced Map widget correctly. Also, you can disable Google Maps API JS file, if it is already included in another plugin or theme.

JetElements integrations settings


This section is dedicated to MailChimp integration using the Subscribe Form widget. Here you need to input your MailChimp API key and MailChimp list ID. The Double opt-in option allows sending contacts an opt-in confirmation email when they subscribe to your list.

JetElements mailchimp-integration settings


In this section, you need to input the Access Token for a correct work of the Instagram widget.

JetElements Instagram Access Token

APIXU Weather

Here you need to embed the APIXU Weather API key for displaying correct weather data from the website in the Weather widget.

JetElements apixu weather

Available Widgets

Here you can enable or disable some of JetElements widgets, which will be available in Elementor panel by editing pages.

JetElements settings

Available Extensions

In this section, there are all available JetElements extensions, which can be enabled or disabled and will be displayed when you edit pages.

JetElements Parallax extension

Now you know where you can adjust appropriate settings for the correct work of JetElements widgets. Set needed adjustments for JetElements plugin in the WP Dashboard easily and quickly.