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JetEngine: Grid Gallery and Slider Gallery Options Overview within Dynamic Field Widget

This tutorial provides a detailed guide in displaying a dynamic gallery for a post or a term within grid and slider using JetEngine functionality.

Showcase images galleries for default posts using meta fields of the gallery type from the meta box created with JetEngine. You will be able to customize the appearance of the grid and slider galleries according to your needs in Dynamic Field widget.

Displaying dynamic images gallery using the Dynamic Field widget

Step 1 – The first thing you need to do is to go to JetEngine > JetEngine > Modules Manager section in the WP Dashboard. Here you check the Grid Gallery for Dynamic Field and the Slider Gallery for Dynamic Field widgets. This is going to enable the corresponding options. Don’t forget to click the Save button below.

available JetEngine modules

Step 2 – Now you open the Meta Boxes block right here in JetEngine section and simply create a meta box that you are going to add to the posts. Clicking the Add New button you proceed to the settings block. Here you have to input the name of the meta box and select the Posts post type, or any other type that corresponds to the post type to which you want to add a gallery.

meta box general settings

Step 3 – In the Meta Fields box click + New Meta Field option. Specify the title and the name of the meta field. Also, you need to choose the Gallery type. Remember to click Add Meta Box button on the right in the Actions box.

gallery meta field

Step 4 – Then, go to the Posts section and click Edit option below the post.

edit post

Step 5 – When the post opens, scroll down to the Gallery Grid for Posts box and here you need to choose the images, which will be displayed in the gallery. After that, click the Update button in the right corner on the top.

gallery grid for posts

Step 6 – The next step is to open the post template or a listing template with Elementor editor. To showcase the post gallery, find the Dynamic Field widget in the panel and drop it under the post. You will see the settings block right away, where you need to select the Source: Meta Data and the Meta Field: Image.

dynamic field content settings

Step 7 – Then, go below and enable the Filter field output option and select the CallBack: Images gallery grid or Images gallery slider option for displaying the images in the grid or slider form. There are varied settings, with the help of which you can customize the design of the post images gallery.

callback option

Step 8 – Moreover, you can style the gallery according to your taste in the Style > Misc tab.

gallery style settings

Step 9 – Click the Update button to save the changes and move on to the page to see the stylish gallery.

post images gallery

Hope, you found this tutorial useful and clear. Create a custom gallery and display the imagery in the posts easily with JetEngine plugin.