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JetEngine: How to Add Meta Boxes to WooCommerce Product Categories


This article explains how to add Meat Boxes with Meta Fields to WooCommerce product categories using the JetEngine plugin functionalities.

Adding Meta Fields to the product categories will enlarge the information which is related to them. It will make the product categories more visually attractive and the users will be interested in clicking on them and receiving access to the products.

From this tutorial, you will learn how to add the Meta Box with Meta Fields to the Product Categories.

1 Step — Create a Meta Box for the Product Categories

In your WordPress Dashboard proceed to the JetEngine > Meta Boxes and hit the “Add New” button.

The list of Meta boxes

Enter the Meta Box Title, and choose the “Taxonomy” option in the Meta Box for drop-down menu in the General Settings tab.

woo commerce meta box

Select the “Product Categories” option in the Enable for Taxonomies field in the Visibility Conditions tab. More about the Visibility Conditions you can read here.

meta box for taxonomy visibility conditions

Then add one or several meta fields. If you need insight, check our Meta Fields Overview.

Product categoriaes meta fields

2 Step — Add the value to the meta fields

Go to the Products > Categories. The newly created meta fields will be available both for the new categories and the created ones, so you will have no problems adding the content.

Product category meta fields

3 Step — Make a listing and archive template

Adding a Meta Box is not enough. You will still have to showcase the categories and the items in it on the page somehow. To do that, you will need to create a Listing Template and Archive Page template.

To create a Listing Template for the Product Categories follow the steps described in this tutorial.

Then, we need to showcase all product categories items together on the one page. To create an Archive Page template, go through this step-by-step tutorial.

Now you know how to attach Meta Boxes to the product categories and showcase them on the Archive page.