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Full Overview of the JetReviews Dashboard

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This overview reveals all the features and functionalities of the JetReviews WordPress Dashboard.

JetReviews is a flexible and precise tool that can help create a review section that is convenient for you and your website visitors. It doesn’t matter whether you have a set of pre-made reviews and just want to show them to the audience or prefer to allow the users to leave comments.

After downloading and installing the JetReviews plugin, you will see the additional submenu in the WordPress Dashboard. Let’s take a closer look at all its tabs.


The first tab of the JetReviews dashboard is dedicated to showing statistics. It could be useful for analytics and would keep you informed about the activity on the website.

General Reviews Stats are displayed at the top of the web page, so that will be the first thing you see after opening this tab. It shows in numbers how many reviews and comments were left by users, how many of them are already approved, and how many are waiting for approval. The graphic illustrates those stats, considering the period of time they were added. The diagram displays the data about the rates of the added reviews.

review stats

Post Types Reviews Stats gives you all the same information divided according to the post types. That lets you analyze activity in the chosen part of the website.

post type stats

All Reviews

review list

The reviews left by website visitors are stored here in a table. It shows the review author’s name and email, title, comment text, average score, source, and the date the review was added. Additionally, the table contains the necessary action buttons:

  • Approve” – by clicking this button, you allow the review to be shown on the website;
  • Unapprove” – with this button, you can hide the already published review;
  • Edit” – this button gives you access to the review’s summary title and description, so you can change it quickly and easily if needed;
  • Delete” – deletes the review.
review editing

This tab also has the Bulk Action and Search reviews bars that help to sort reviews and find any given review on the list.

Review Types

JetReviews allows you to create different types of reviews for different purposes. If you added a few custom post types for the website, the reviews for them can’t probably look the same. Reviews for pages and posts will also have different assessment criteria. So, in this tab, you can create, store, edit, and delete review types.

review types

When you open the Review Types tab for the first time, you will see only the Default type. It has one field named Rating and can’t be edited or deleted. This type is applied to posts and pages by default.

Click the “Add New” button to create a review type.

new review type

Type in the review type Name and start adding fields. Type Fields are the criteria you want your clients to rate the post or page for. So, you set the Label for it and then define the Step and Max Value. When the user increases the rating for one step, it will increase by the amount you set in the Step bar. You can add as many fields as you need by clicking the “Add Field” button. When you are done, hit the “Add Type” button.

add new field


This tab contains the lists of comments. All the comments and replies to them are gathered into a table that displays the text of a comment, the post it is assigned to, the date it was added, and the actions you can do with it. It is possible to “Approve” or “Unapprove” the comment, “Edit,” or “Delete” it.

comment list

If you hit the “Edit” button, you can edit the comment text.

comment editing


Post Source

Here you can choose on what pages, posts, or custom post types the reviews block will be shown. After turning the Use review for post type toggle on, you can define the other settings.

jetreviews post source settings
  • Review type. Choose the review type you just created from the drop-down list to assign it to this custom post type.
  • Allowed roles. Here you can choose who will be allowed to leave reviews on the single pages of this custom post type.
knowledge base information iconNOTE. The Guest users can also leave reviews if you allow them to. In this case, two required fields, “Name” and “Email,” will be added. The guests’ data will be stored on a separate table and auto-filled automatically if they want to add some new reviews. This allows for avoiding spam.
  • Review author verification. This option allows you to verify users and add them to one of the added groups – Guest Users, Woo Product Customers, and Shop Managers. Such a verification helps to make the further search of some types of reviews easier.
  • Comment author verification. It works the same way as the Review author verification, but for the comments.
new review approval
  • New review approval. This toggle allows you to choose whether you want every new review to be approved by you before publishing or not. If you turn it on, it will demand constant attention from you but prevent spam and inappropriate content from appearing on the site.
  • Allow comments. By turning this toggle on, you allow the users to comment on the added reviews.
  • New review comments need approval. The same situation as with the new reviews’ approval. If you turn this toggle on, every comment will require your approval to be published.
NOTE. Be aware that the JetReviews plugin is not compatible with popular anti-spam plugins. If you choose to turn the New review approval toggle off, the anti-spam plugins won’t be able to track and delete spam reviews or comments.
  • Post metadata. Enable this toggle if you want to store the item average rating in a separate meta field. This will allow you to use that value for different purposes, such as filtering the items:
    • Average rating metadata key. Here you have to paste the ID of the meta field where you would like to store the average rating;
    • Post meta ratio bound. Here you set the maximum of the scale that will be used to show the average rating;
    • Sync average rating. Press this button every time you change the settings to synchronize the rating users leave with the average rating calculating feature.
knowledge base information iconNOTE. To calculate the average rating, you don’t necessarily have to create the reviews type with fields with a similar scale. They will be re-calculated according to the maximum you’ve set in the Post meta ratio bound. For example, if the user has rated the item as 8 of 10 and you set the Post meta ratio bound to 5, it will be re-calculated as 4 of 5 and used to calculate the average rating.
  • Structure Data. This option adds micromarking for users searching. If you enable the toggle, you can choose the structure data Type.
post metadata

User Source

If you enable the toggle on this tab, the reviews block will be shown on the user account page that you can set with the JetEngine Profile Builder feature.

All settings in this tab are the same as for the Post Source tab, except the Post metadata and Structure Data options that are absent.

user source settings


recaptcha integration

If you switch on the Enable reCAPTCHA v3 toggle, you’ll be able to enter and save the Site Key and Secret Key that you can obtain on the Google reCAPTCHA page.


jetreviews advanced settings

There are such options in this settings tab:

  • Enable disallowed content checking. If enabled, it allows setting the Disabled Words. All reviews that contain one of these words will be unapproved automatically;
  • New review notify. If enabled, the administrator of the WordPress website will receive an email whenever someone submits a new review;
  • Review approve needed notify. If enabled, the admin will receive an email notification only when approval of a new review is needed;
  • New comment notify. If enabled, the administrator of the WordPress website will receive an email whenever someone submits a new comment;
  • Comment approve needed notify. If enabled, the admin will receive an email notification only when approval of a new comment is needed.


woocommerce settings tab

This settings tab will appear only if the WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated. Here, you can import the reviews from the WooCommerce > Products > Reviews tab to the JetReviews > All Reviews tab.

That’s all. Now you know about all features of the JetReviews WordPress Dashboard.