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JetBlog Overview

JetBlog Overview

JetBlog is a blog builder for Elementor page editor, allowing you to build a dynamic blog website. Its widgets can be used to output posts on archive pages according to the chosen layout.

Smart Posts List Widget

Smart Posts List is a JetBlog widget allowing you to showcase posts from different sources as a list. The widget is accessible from the Elementor side panel. It can pull posts and metadata from default WordPress posts and custom post types. The Smart Posts List widget helps to customize the posts’ image sizes and positions, max width, columns and rows number, featured image, excerpt length, post meta position, and more. You can order the posts and filter them, too.

Smart Posts Tiles Widget

Smart Posts Tiles is a JetBlog widget accessible from the Elementor sidebar. It offers nine layout variations and allows you to showcase blog posts as tiles. The widget supports custom queries and can fetch data from custom post types. You can customize posts’ height, width, and data to be displayed, show post meta and terms, adjust image size, manage carousel options to show slides, and more. For easy navigation, Smart Posts Tiles can be paginated.

Text Ticker Widget

Text Ticker is a JetBlog widget for Elementor that adds a news ticker to the website’s header, showcasing the latest posts. The widget outputs the selected posts one by one in the exact amount and order you’ve previously set. You can customize the widget’s title, choose which metadata will be shown on the front end, and animate the post’s title. Style settings include the container, current date, paging arrows, and posts’ content.

Video Playlist Widget

Video Playlist is a JetBlog widget that helps to add video content to the website using YouTube or Vimeo links. It is available among Elementor widgets. Using the Video Playlist widget, you can set the source to a custom video list or third-party playlist, specify the number of videos to be shown, order them, and show the playlist control. Style settings apply to playlist height, column width, thumbnails, video titles, and device-specific settings to make playlists responsive.

Posts Navigation Widget

Posts Navigation is a widget for Elementor; it is suitable for archive templates and works with dynamic content, CPTs, default WordPress posts, and pages. Posts Navigation is a widget to enhance two other JetBlog widgets, Smart Posts List and Smart Posts Tiles. It adds navigation arrows to the posts lists and tiles. Everything about arrow buttons is customizable; you can adjust the text and typography, icons, paddings, background color, border type, radius, width, etc.

Posts Pagination Widget

Posts Pagination is another JetBlog widget applicable to archive templates. It can be found in the Elementor sidebar and works in connection with Smart Posts Tiles and Smart Posts List widgets. Posts Pagination helps to add pagination buttons to post archives and allows customizing the buttons’ content and appearance. You can change the button text, alignment, typography, background color, padding, width, border, and gap. The icons for previous and next page links are customizable, too.

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