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How to Setup Booking With Wizard Set Up

How to Setup Booking With Wizard Set Up

This tutorial provides an overview of the easy Wizard Set Up for creating a Booking.

Use Wizard Set Up from the JetBooking plugin to create a booking form for your website. You’ll be able to create a booking just in four steps by following the instruction under each step. Creating a booking never was so easy.

Booking Overview

Now, it’s time to go to the Bookings dashboard where you can create a booking:

Bookigs Set Up

Easy Booking Set Up

You can create booking smoothly with a four-step setup. To start the setup, navigate to Bookings > Bookings and click on the Go to setup.

Bookigs Set Up

Also, you can follow to Bookings > Set Up and start there. Let’s check it out.
In the first step, you’ll need to Set up booking instance CPT. Here you can select from the dropdown the post type to get booking instances from.

Step 1 of 4. Set up booking instance CPT

In the second step, you can Set up orders for booking.

Step 2 of 4. Set up orders

Also, if you enable the WooCommerce Integration option, there will be a great opportunity to integrate booking orders with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Integration

The next step is to Set up DB tables. Here you will see a minimum set of the required DB columns and you can add additional columns according to your needs by clicking on the “New DB Column” button.

Create the columns one by one, by adding the new items. For example, we added the following information:

  • additional_booking_id;
  • additional_order_id;
  • additional_status;
  • additional_apartment_unit;
  • additional_check_in_date;
  • additional_check_out_date.
Step 3 of 4. Setup DB tables
Things to know

The values shouldn’t contain any spaces, uppercase or other letters, except the Latin ones..

The final step is to Set up additional settings, such as the creation of a booking form for the single booking page. Click on the “Finish” button to save the changes.

Step 4 of 4. Setup additional settings

When you’re done with all the steps, the Congratulations window appears. It contains the information about the booking form you’ve already created.

Congratulations! You're all set!

We set up everything! Now it’s time to customize the booking settings.

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