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JetBooking: Dashboard Overview

This tutorial will teach you how to customize the booking settings before the booking form creation.

Use the settings of the JetBooking WordPress plugin to improve the booking form any way you need it. You’ll be able to add columns and custom labels, hide DB columns manager, enable iCal synchronization, and hide Setup Wizard. Also, there’s an opportunity to update the DB tables.


Go to the Bookings > Bookings tab on the WordPress Dashboard. Here, you can see all bookings made on the website.

bookings list

If you hit the “Add New” button, you can add bookings on the backend without filling out the form.

adding new booking from the back end


Follow the Bookings > Settings pathway on the WordPress Dashboard to begin booking customization.

General Booking Settings

In the General settings section, we see columns already created with a quick Booking Wizard Set Up. You can add a new column by clicking the “New DB Column” button. You can connect these columns with the booking form fields and CPT meta fields (for example, the column for the customer comments), and the information in the fields will be saved after a user submits the form to the booking database.

additional table columns

Let’s look closely at all other fields in the General section. Before setting these fields, we recommend customizing the custom post types and other features described in the Preparation Guideline tutorial.

  • Booking orders post type – here, you can select post type related to creating booking records;
  • Column name – in this field, you can give a name to an additional DB column;
  • Booking instance post type – select post type related to the booked instances;
knowledge base information icon
Note that those three fields should be filled out, so you’ll be able to get the Units manager section in the CPT.
booking orders
  • Booking Period – now you’re able to choose the booking period. For example, if you select Per nights, the last booked date will be not included; if you select Per days option, the last booked date will be included;
  • Weekly bookings – enabling this option, you activate only full week booking. With this feature, there is available another one – Days Offset, where you can set the weekday from which the booked week will start (for example, if you set the “3” option here, the book week will be from Wednesday to Sunday);
days offset
  • One Day bookings – with this option checked, only single days bookings are allowed;
  • WooCommerce integration – enable this option to connect booking with WooCommerce checkout;
  • Filters Store Type – here, you can select “Session” or “Cookies” store type for dates.
booking period


The Labels block provides an opportunity to add the custom labels to the booking form, such as the Booked dates tooltip text, Text before the selected date range, weekdays, etc. Before the label rewriting, don’t forget to enable the Use custom labels toggle.

use custom labels

More examples of the custom labels:

custom labels provided


In the Advanced settings block, you can Hide DB columns manager and Hide Set Up Wizard tabs. It can be helpful if you don’t want that you or your coworkers change the database or plugin settings accidentally.

If you turn the Enable iCal synchronization toggle on, you will be asked to set the Calendar synch interval and Calendar sync start. Besides that, a new option will appear in the Booking submenu. It is called Calendars, and it stores a table of events. In that tab, you will be able to synchronize the events from the calendar with the items on the website. More about that you can read in the How to Transfer Bookings from Google Calendar via iCal Synchronization tutorial.

advanced jetbooking settings


In the Schedule tab, there are two features:

  • Disabled Days – here, you can enable the weekdays that will be unavailable for booking (e.g., Saturday and Sunday);
  • Days Off – here, you can add days (e.g., national holidays) that will be weekends and out of reach for customers.
schedule booking settings

The same features are accessible for the dedicated post, – apartment, for example (hit to edit a post from the post type that you have attached to booking through the setup).

custom schedule for apartment

More about these features you can learn from the Managing Disabled Days and Weekends tutorial.

DB Tables

The last block is DB Tables, where you can update the required database tables, for example, after adding new database columns in the General settings tab.

knowledge base information icon
We recommend saving the table’s structure only after you ensure everything has been done correctly and suits your needs. Otherwise, if any changes are still needed, you’ll have to navigate to the database and drop the table. Only after that, you can add a completely new database column.
update tables

Set Up

More about the JetBooking Set Up and its settings you can find in the How to Setup Booking With Wizard Set Up tutorial.

That’s all. Now you are ready to create a booking form.