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JetPopup Overview

JetPopup Overview

JetPopup is a drag-and-drop pop-up builder for Elementor and WordPress block editor. Its features allow you to create pop-ups from scratch and configure their trigger events, visibility conditions, placement, animation effect, and more.

Popup Conditions stand for pop-up visibility conditions. They can be configured from the JetPopup Dashboard. Visibility Conditions apply to the entire website, separate pages, archives, WooCommerce products, and JetEngine queries. Using the Advanced condition source, it is possible to set up the pop-up display for certain user roles, device types, and URL parameters. Popup Conditions can be combined thanks to the AND/OR operators but ensure the conditions do not contradict one another.

Trigger Events are configurable instances indicating at what moment a certain pop-up will appear. The JetPopup plugin offers five unique trigger types for different user behavior cases. Among the types is hover, click on button/widget, custom selector click, and scroll to the widget. Depending on the trigger type you choose, a pop-up will be shown when a user clicks a certain button, hovers over a widget, tries to close the page, scrolls down the page, etc.

Popup Action Button is both a widget and block for Elementor and Gutenberg. It can be used to create buttons that prompt users to take action, for example, pick between “yes” and “no.” The widget/block settings embrace Action Type, Button Text, and Button Link. You can set the button to open a link, close the pop-up, so it never appears again, leave the page, and close all pop-ups at once. Style settings are available, too.

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