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JetReviews Overview

JetReviews Overview

JetReviews is a WordPress plugin for Elementor and native block editors. Using its widgets, you can add static and dynamic feedback sections to the website, which other users can like/dislike and comment on.

Star Rating

Star Rating is a JetReviews widget and block for Elementor and Gutenberg. Using it, it is possible to add a custom rating scale looking like stars to WordPress posts, WooCommerce products, and JetEngine Listing Grids. The available settings include the lowest and highest rating values, the ability to turn the static rating into a dynamic one using a dynamic tag, custom icons, icon styles for marked and unmarked states, alignment, title, and more.

Reviews Listings

Reviews Listing is a widget/block for Elementor and WordPress blocks editor. Its functionality allows you to show user-generated reviews and comments on the front end. The widget/block creates a dynamic section where reviews will change, and users will be able to like/dislike them and leave comments. Among the general settings is the source, rating layout, input type, average rating display, review title, etc. Additionally, you can output reviews through a JetEngine listing.

Custom Rating Scales

A rating system stands for a visual way to showcase user-generated reviews. The JetReviews plugin includes three popular rating scales, which are stars, percent, and points. They incorporate a set of pre-defined criteria according to which users can rate the given post, product, page, order, etc. The rating scale typically shows the total reviews about a particular post/product, the average rating, and all reviews’ ranking. You can customize custom rating scales to suit the website design.

Content Keywords Moderation

Keyword moderation is another JetReviews functionality, which implies checking the reviews and comments’ content for disallowed (prohibited) words. The feature is accessible from the JetReviews Advanced settings tab. By enabling the disallowed content checking, every new review/comment containing a prohibited word will be automatically marked as “unapproved,” subject to moderation, and hidden from the front end. Disallowed words can be specified by the website administrator. There are automatic notifications about new reviews and comments, too.

Review Like/Dislike

The JetReviews likes, and dislikes feature makes it possible to upvote or downvote user-generated content, namely, reviews and comments. It is represented by two clickable icons – thumbs-up and thumbs-down – next to which there is a counter. Once either icon is clicked, the vote is added to the total count. Users can change their vote anytime they want – the likes/dislikes counter will be updated automatically.

Review Responses/Comments

The JetReviews reply and comment functionality enable users to reply to user-generated reviews, i.e., leave comments. As a website administrator, you can configure which user roles will be given such permissions – author, editor, contributor, subscriber, customer, administrator, guest, etc. Responses and comments can be posted immediately or sent for approval by the website admin. You can configure settings in JetPlugins Settings from the WordPress dashboard.

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